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Installing Win98 on a System with no OS

By John Girolamo ·
I've run fdisk and deleted the primary DOS partition. I then installed a primary DOS partition. Now, how do I install the operating system?

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Use CD to Boot

by Mattius In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

If you have a newer PC you should be able to boot off your cd. To enable it you will have to enter the BIOS at startup, hit <del> or <F1> usually to get in.

Check you boot up section, under devices you should have 3 or 4 options. Set CD first, then A:, then C:

Insert your Win98 Cd into the CD ROM and it will ask you to hit any key to boot from CD. Then go to you cd drive letter and the
folder, run setup from here.

If you computer does not support booting from CD you will have to use a boot like the other guys suggested, if you don't have a boot disk this is the easier.

Good luck.

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Forgot something..

by Mattius In reply to Use CD to Boot

You have to format the disk after you fdisk it or your hard drive will not be recognized.

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Speed up installation

by niels.breurkes In reply to Forgot something..

When you run setup.exe you might want to use these options to speed up the installation.

setup /im /iv /ie /id

There could be more options, but I can't remember them right now.

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WIN98 Install from CD

by In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Restart your computer in setup mode. Find your startup options and set bootable drive to your CD drive. Restart with the WIN98 CD in the drive, it should start from the CD and step you through the installation

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Here's the best way

by rspeidel In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Assuming you have a big enough hard drive (Hopefully 4 or more GB)...After creating your primary DOS partition, format your entire hard drive (you will need to add to your bootable floppy. No, it's not a website, it's a dos executable youwill find on any DOS or higher computer). After that, copy the entire contents of the Win98 cd to your hard drive within a directory called Win98. After copying (It'll take a while) run setup.exe from the directory you just created. Thiu is the bestway because you will never need your cd again. It's a little complicated and you have to be familiar with some DOS, but if you need any more info, just let me know. Good luck.

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installing win98

by delnalten In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

If you have a 'boot' disk, with cd-rom drivers & format and sys files on the 'boot' disk, then boot to a: drive format c:, Then find the cd-rom and go to it then type setup
and follow the yellow brick road of bill gates

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My Favorite Way Of Installation Win98 Fu

by DEPillow In reply to installing win98

I go to the BIOS setup and make the CD drive the first boot drive. Just put the CD into your drive and boot. If you so desire, when the boot process starts you can exit it and go to "C Promt" and make a directory for Win98. "md c:\win_98" You can then copy the "Full Win 98 CD" to this directory. Change to that directory and type setup. You are off to a fast WIN 98 install.

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Clean, cut, and dry.

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...'re on the right track, after creating the DOS partition and then formatting, you have to reboot again for the changes to take effect. Or the error message "Wrong Media Type" will keep occuring.
Keeping the boot disk in your A drive, youwill have an option to run setup from your CDROM. Just cancel that. First off lets transfer your Win98 CAB files. You will have to change directories from A to C:In the DOS screen, type this exactly how i'm typing:
now what ever your drive letter is for the CDROM that the boot disk assigned it as is the next line:
Ex: Copy \win98 C:\Temp
Your PC will then start copying all the Cab files.
Switch back to your A and type "Setup"
the A will then kick in the Win98 CD. If it doesn't then get a Win98 Boot disk from someone who has Win98 or Email me and I'll send it to you via ICQ or Email. It's not all that big. (From Someone elses PC of course, I.e. your neighbor) All the files will fit on a 1.44meg floppy.
Here is the reason why we copied the CAB files. Along the way WIN98 will look towards the CDROM to load drivers for certain peripherals you may have. But you wont have a CDROM listed (With some PC's) This was a common thing also with Win95. Note: We can loada CDROM bat file but how many new users know how to do that? So we are going to do it this way like I have already typed up above. Amazing when you look for help online everyone assumes the users to be PC savy when they aren't. If that was the case,why would they be online looking for help? Get the point? So when it does look for the CAB file containing the driver, it will be located in your C:\temp
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at home or work.
WK# 1-813-288-4461 8-5 EST.
hm email

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Hey Rocko

by reef2 In reply to Clean, cut, and dry.

Hey Rocko are you from NEW YORK.Well so am I born manhattan.

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Yes I'm from NYC...

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to Hey Rocko

Yup, born and raised. But after joining the Army and setteling down with the MRS, we moved to Tampa, Fl. I'm still currently working for GE Global Exchange services and moonlighting Computer sales and parts from home. I sure do miss being able to hit a cool nite club at 3 in the morning. Not to mention Washington Square Park.

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