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Installing Win98 on a System with no OS

By John Girolamo ·
I've run fdisk and deleted the primary DOS partition. I then installed a primary DOS partition. Now, how do I install the operating system?

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Hey Fellas...come down to his level.

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

You guys have to remember one thing when giving advice to people seeking help. Bring your advice down to a level they will be able to understand and use. Telling an individual to make a bootable disk is like driving 55mph in downtown Manhattan, NYC during rush hour.
Be concise, go step by step, and offer your email so the individual can contact you if more help is needed. The help i've seen so far here, has probably left this guy out in the winds. Remember, if someone is on here asking for help, rest assure he/she is not PC Savvy. And another thing....have all your answers put together before you finish the discussiion. Adding another discussion because you left out a step will only jar the individual more. I.e. "Oh and one more thing." (Part2 of discussion.)
Show your professionalism, not your arrogance. Give advice along with options. Enough said?

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Crystal Clear (I Hope)

by W-Bryant In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Place Both Win98 Boot Floppy AND CD-ROM in their drives and switch the machine on.
I SHOULD boot from one of the two, if not enter the BIOS(usually hit DEL while counting RAM) and change you boot sequence to include A: and CD-ROM before IDE/SCSI/?
Reboot your Machine and away you go...

Hope this help a little

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Installing WIN98

by kalistro In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Well, basically once you have created the partition(s) using the Fdisk program. You can use the win98 boot disk to boot up with CD support. That's the simples way but it does not always work. Sometimes you need the original CDROM device driver, for the CDROM that you are working with. Once you have the CD loaded is pretty simple to install Win98.
Usually I copy the Win98 folder from the original CD into my C: drive, that way I don't need the CD anymore. But be aware that all this cab files areabout 110 mb's. This is something to keep in mind for smaller hard drives.

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