Installing Windows 2000 on a parition formatted with PartitionMagic?

By ipeters61 ·
Windows 2000 takes about 1 hour to format an 80 GB HDD, because it does a full format. PartitionMagic does a quick format. In past times, I have tried installing Windows 2000 on a drive formatted with PartitionMagic, and it generally would tell me that the partition would be "unformatted or damaged" and I have to reformat the hard disk.

Is there a way to make this work? Would GParted work? Or do I have to suffer through the painful process of slow formatting in Windows 2000?

Edit (8:14 AM EDT): I always format with Windows 2000 NTFS (version 3). I can't recreate the problem in Virtual PC.

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Sounds of a Failing Hard Drive

by donaldcoe In reply to Installing Windows 2000 o ...

Many years of using versions 6 thru 8 of Partition Magic (PM)and Windows 2000 and XP formatting. Formatting does not take an hour to complete, 20 minutes at the very most with Win2k/XP and approx. 7 to 10 minutes or less with PM. When 2 different applications result in slower than expected formatting you bet that the hard drive has an issue with it's Master Boot Record (mbr), motherboard BIOS fails to recognise it correctly or the drive is not jumpered correctly. I have even found a drive that would work perfectly with Windows98 FDISK but when attempts to install Windows2000 or XP the hecups would begin. Replace the hard drive with one that first your motherboard will support or you will end up creating multiple partitions just to get the most out of the drive without losing.
In my job I format many drives and as part of my utility kit is the Partition Magic (PM)Boot Disk set(2)is my application of CHOICE because it allows the quick and dirty from a DrDOS environment but it does take practice. For every change (from creating a partition; formatting; a resize; or what ever) you must first "APPLY" and then OK for each change made. I have gotten into an habit of rebooting after each process. Once the drive is completely processed by PM the OS will install unbelievebably fast and without errors.

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