Installing XP on 2nd Partition...

By cyberghost_1 ·
I?m running Win7 Ultimate x86 on a Compaq Netbook... I upgraded from XP which was the factory OS. Here is the issue... I?ve asked a few Q concerning this problem, but now my Q is: I want install XP again but on a new Partition, I created the Partition just fine... the issue is that during the XP installation it doesn?t detect ANY Partition EXCEPT the Recovery HP_TOOLS Partition1 on C:... I doesn?t detect the Win7 installation or the new partition...formatted or not... Previously i was told that XP won?t detect Win7 or the new partition cuz its a newer format... so HOW DO I INSTALL XP ON THE NEW PARTITION??? I had an idea, since i?m doing this by making bootable USB Flash drives, my idea is to use Win98 and fdisk to manage the new partition and install 98 first... that is if it even detects any partitions like XP didn?t... If I manage to install 98, technically i can upgrade to XP from there...right... I would really appreciate all and any help with this Q... PLS!! Thx...

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It just starts the chain.

by seanferd In reply to The master boot record

At some step in the boot process, the boot.ini is called (or whatever it is in Vista/7) which will offer the list of OS to continue to boot from.

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I looked it up...

by cyberghost_1 In reply to Windows XP Mode

My netbook isn?t compatible with VPC XP Mode...but I read about the Hotfix for that issue from the links u mentioned...thx btw!!! One thing though I have 1GB DDR2-800 RAM actual clock is 266MHz... Won?t VPC XP Mode considerably slow down my system?? I have an Atom N270 1.60GHz...

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RE: Won?t VPC XP Mode considerably slow down my system??

by OH Smeg In reply to I looked it up...

Yes if it was possible to actually work it would slow it to a crawl.

As far as I know Atom Processors do not support Visitation or XP Mode in 7.


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