intel 845 motherboard driver free download

By munkir ·
i need to download my intel845 chipset driver.
can any1 plz help me 2 find the site.

thank u

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search on google

by saurabh_2507 In reply to For your intel 845 mother ...

Search on google directly `intel 845 drivers'. First 2-3 results will solve your problem.

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by zamsk In reply to intel 845 motherboard dri ...

i want to download intel 845sound driver,
can any one help me .


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Go to the Intel site or

by seanferd In reply to driver

or the support page for your exact model computer at the support site for the company that makes your computer.

Did you bother to read any of the posts at all?

I just can't understand how: 1) We can't figure out where to look in the first place and, 2) the failure to read the answer given multiple times already <i>after managing to find this old thread and managing to sign up to ask such a question.</i>

My mind reels under the staggering weight of...

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by Jaqui In reply to Go to the Intel site or

I'll say it
such glaring examples of idiocy.

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I was going to use the one

by seanferd In reply to well

that goes, "It burns!".

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"Abandon hope

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Go to the Intel site or

all ye who enter here." :^0

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by santeewelding In reply to Try here

Discovers he is not master of the mirror, afterall.

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The Walking Dead Rules (Zombie Post)

by robo_dev In reply to intel 845 motherboard dri ...

The OP was in 2007, looking for a driver for an Intel board, without the Einstein-like foresight to look at...hmmm, the INTEL web site.

So here we have five years later, the ignorance is compounded, like the comical snowball that builds to a ten-foot-diameter ball of snow rolling down a mountain slope.

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Mother board cd

by balaji.006 In reply to intel 845 motherboard dri ...

Where i can download the Software that support for all intel mother for all series.

please reply me


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