Intel D845GLAD Wont boot after RAM Upgrade

By pmfrech ·
My uncle gave me a PC that he had attempted to upgrade the RAM on. PC worked fine prior to the upgrade. Once he placed the new RAM in the PC boots up with no display. I switched the RAM back to the original and still the same result. I pulled all the RAM out and no beeps. I added a video card as it on board and still no display. I pulled the CMOS battery for a day and still nothing. Everything appears to be in working order. Power light on MB is on, CPU fan is turning, PS is turning. I have no idea what else to try. My thinking is that the MB is now bad. Not sure what type of RAM he tried to place in the DIMM slots. I know they are not broke. I have tried everything I can think and everything appears to be working fine, drives light etc.

Any ideas?


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Wish that can help

by Taoufik.bhaja In reply to Intel D845GLAD Wont boot ...

Ok,you told you added a video card?Is it a pci Card? Your motherboard has no AGP and no pci express(an old model).
First, make sure to take the usual static-avoidance measures.
Ok,here either your power suply failed or your memory slots or your Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics or it's the whole motherbord.
1-Unplug all the connectors(ALL OF THEM) on your motherboard.Keep only plugged those of the power suply to the motherboard.
2-Clear your CMOS:there's a jumper on your motherbord to do so(we dont pull the battery to clear the cmos).After clearing the Cmos use only your old RAM,and boot your PC.Go to setup and fix everything(date, time...)Otherwise
3-Try to get a pci video card(one you can insert in one of your 4 pci slots).I hope you will find one.And try to do with it.Otherwise
4-try to change your power suply maybe it's the cause.Power Requirements of your new configuration may cause it to crash.
Your motherboard only accepts DDR266 or PC133 SDRAM memory.Start at the lowest number memory slot, either 0 or 1.
Insert the memory in capacity order starting with the highest-capacity module in the lowest number slot.
For the hardware needed to the diagnosing,i prefer you dont buy itas we are not sure what and where is the problem exactly.
If after those checks,you have no good results,we can be sure it's your motherboard that crashed.Get a new one.

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Still Nothing

by pmfrech In reply to Wish that can help

I did as you suggested and still nothing. The motherboard is gone.

Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me.

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You need to reseat the RAM

by wannabeangei In reply to Intel D845GLAD Wont boot ...

Most likely the RAM sticks were not seated correctly when you set them in. Go ahead and remove the RAM completely and reseat them.

If this still doesn't solve the problem, the RAM may not be compatible with your PC. For instance, some RAM is pc100 and others are pc133. In addition I suggest you look into the specs for your PC and find out the maz amount of RAM that can be used. Keep in mind if you flash the BIOS first, this may increase the amount of RAM your system can handle.

Otherwise, the RAM is bad.

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Still Nothing

by pmfrech In reply to You need to reseat the RA ...

I tried as you suggested and still nothing. I get no beeps or anything.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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by rick.c.williams In reply to Intel D845GLAD Wont boot ...

If you are getting no post errors, does the system board power up at all (CPU Fan/SPS Fan)?

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Nothing at all

by pmfrech In reply to Nothing?

It doesn't matter what I take out, leave in, it is still the same response. All the fans power up and the power light on the motherboard lights as well. There is still no display, no beeps, nothing. The only activity that you see is the power supply fan spinning, the CPU fan spinning and if the drives are plugged it they light up on the front as well. I have never seen anything like this, I really believe the motherboard is fried, but I am willing to try anything.

Any ideas?


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Same Issue

by zattang In reply to Nothing?

Hey I am having the same issue with D845GLAD motherboard.
The computer stopped responding when I tried to upgrade the RAM. There is no display but everything else seems to be getting power. The computer turns i think, the fans power on, the drives power on but no display. I tried to use old/new memory but no difference. I also removed both memory out but no beeping sound after that. I heard that I should be hearing a beeping sound if there is no sound, but I may be wrong. Were you able to find a solution? I don't think its the videocard however that may be the case. Please reply back as it would save me a lot of trouble. Thank you

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