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Interesting History site

By Oz_Media ·
Stumbling around online(too old to surf), I started searching history of the Boer war, after watching a cool documentary on it this morning that chronicled W.Churchill as a very young man.

I found a really interesting 'HISTORY OF' site that includes literally a history of everything.

I don't know if this is common knowledge and I am just slow or if this is of interest to you, because we discuss so much history here. Incedentally I find our historical discussions quite fascinating most of the time.

The site appears to include a history of medicine, and war every conflict throughout Europe's history from the middle ages onward and much more, including some Canadian and US history about the New American West.

Just thought I'd pass it on.

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by Jaqui In reply to Interesting History site

put the remote down and step away from history channel.

you are going to cost lots of companies money with it department members being lost in cyberhistoryspace.

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Yeah well

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz,

Gotta admit, that's on ecool site. Talk about intense depth!

It is he same with American history and political leaders battles etc. The links just don't stop opening more doors you know?

I like ot bookmark sites like that for when I'm curious or want to use my free time somewhat constructively instead of gaming.

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I wasn't

by Jaqui In reply to Yeah well

knocking the site.
I enjoy sites where there is knowledge to be gained.

just as watching history channel, and discovery channel ( occasionally ) can be a good hour or two. learning about history, or the discovery channels how it's made series, the super ships series, frontiers of construction..

shows that teach something, not just mindelss entertainment. ( that's what sports, games, and hollywood movies are for )

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Use our LINKS feature!

by Beth Blakely In reply to Yeah well

Not to be harping on our new features, but...

If you like to bookmark sites like that, you could use TR's new Links feature to bookmark, tag, and access them anywhere, anytime. It's easy. It only takes a second or two, and it's a great way to share these gems with the rest of the TR community!

Go to your Links page for an explanation:

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by Oz_Media In reply to Use our LINKS feature!

Well sorry to be rude Beth, but really there are just too many 'features' on TR these days. It's almost over navigated. I have simplified my TR use now, don't even use Tech Q&A anymore as the site is just too bulky with all of the new features.

I was against most of the community add-ons before but the links issue is....well.....with all the cross referencing people canjust find my posts.

Sounds **** and everything but that's just the way it is for me. Too many places to post available, just cluttered it again and didn't make it easy to navigate anymore. I'm pretty much just boycotting features I'd never think of using to begin with.

All the my contacts posts and crap, doesn't help me, it just takes up real estate while not addressing the simplest of issues that people had comented were needed.

Really though, MY LINKS? I got rid of MY LINKS toolbar because it takes up space and I never used it, EVER. So to see it here means nothing to me.

We were sold it as a great place to have portable bookmarks, don't need'em, I use i-Folder so everything goes with me anyway.

I don't really care to wade through other people's interests or find out what they surf. In this case it was a point of interest with relation to our hottest topics here, so I offered it to the peers I discuss such issues with, and where they'd probably find it.

Come to think of it, does ANYONE bother with 'my links'? I thought it was too redundant from the beginning, I don't know if others actually see a benefit or not, but it doesn't interest me in the least.

Again, sorry for not playing fair, but I would spend all day reading the same posts over and over again if I navigated the site from the new features.

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well, I did

by Jaqui In reply to AAAAAAH HATE RABBITS!

use the my links feature, to link to a tr page. ~G~

but I don't bother with using the my links toolbar, since I just keep an updated copy of my bookmarks floating in email.

the posts from my contacts has found me a couple of threads I would probably have missed.
but it's also shown me some that just irritate.
( the focus group. )
every time you post there I see a link in the posts from my contacts...forbidden page when I click the link.
( apparently this is being worked on. to stop focus group thread from showing )

what really gets me is the mandatory tagging on discussions.
like, when posting on an article, if no post already, you MUST tag the article discussion?
my tag for this is:

mandatory tagging sucks

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I know

by Oz_Media In reply to well, I did

As an actuve member, I get MY Discussions, keeps me abreast of what interests me, and I always check NEW Discussions.

So if I check Posts from my contacts, I've already read them through My Discussions, then there's HOT, well that's the same stuff all over again.

I found I pick on esystem and stick to it. If by some remote chance I actually MISS a topic, oh well, there are plenty more, who cares.

I just think it's TOO cross referenced, navigation was made simple and effective for a while and then cross referenced into one confusing mass of redundancy as each new feature pretty much echoed the same as the last.

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To each his own

by Beth Blakely In reply to I know

I'm glad you've found one method that works for you, Oz, you ray of sunshine, you! ;-)

I just found a perfect place to post about a feature that I think is helpful and cool. I took advantage. *shrugs*

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Don't get me wrong Beth

by Oz_Media In reply to I know

This site has improved, little bugs ironed out etc.

But I find the whole community thing was just taken too far. I started using all the different links and features as they were introduced but found most were just links to the same info the last feature provided too.

I am a person who is contracted out to improve office efficiency, discover and remove redundancy and website and market optimization. One of those guys where everyone says, uh oh, when you walk in. They are never sure if their job will be found redundant (VERY seldom do I recommend letting people go) or if their workday will be mad emore efficient and they will end up working more, not harder though.

The first rule I learned about websites, ALL websites, is ease of navigation to retain users, not getting them lost so they will stick around a while. This site, whlie great for peope who have been here and used it for a while, would be quite intimidating for many people, though it's a tech site, many peers are new users, people with the simplest issues to resolve etc. When it comes to those people, NEW members, they can't even figure out where to post questions MOST of the time.

That's what heppens when techs get too inbolved in layout and useability. They see all these cool codes and forum goodies they want to add, but many users just want to get some help or share an opinion. Sales reps and techs don't get along too well though, they view the world of business through different lenses or something.

As for all the work done here, it's great, everyone is more than hapy to chat with members now and it's really improved. But you can spend all day overformatting a Word doc too, it happens all the time. The more bells and whilstles you get, the more people try and incorporate all these doo-dads and it detracts from the useability.

Some of the most effective and well positioned sites I have built were also the simplest and easiest to get around, people just keep coming back because they feel comfortable.

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Oz and Jaqui are right I must admit

by TomSal In reply to I know

This place is cool don't get me wrong, if I didn't like the site why would I still be visiting pretty much everyday for nearly 6 years now (the time on the "member since" thing doesn't apply to me, I was originally here under a different account first).

I think the site layout is growing in a word "bulky". It makes me think of the CNN or MSNBC channels they have graphics on the side, then the bottom of the screen is a scroller, then they have the station logo on the other side and let's not forget the clock they display the time on. THEN they have another banner that changes depending ont he story being discussed.

Over information anyone? More info doesn't really mean its BETTER (or better design).

And seriously like Jaq said that forbidden link thing is aggravating as all get out.

And to point at what Oz said -- what is the point of seeing the same darn information repeated through different links or screens?

The only redundancy I like is on a network or when it comes to data backups. :)

I also could care little to use the Q&A forums any more as well. Unless I'm in a unusal mood where I just happen to "feel like it" that day, I look to other sources for answers then if they are dry I'll ask in a discussion group before the Q&A section now.

And lastly, yes mandatory tagging HAS GOT TO GO!!!

/end rant

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