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Intermittent Connectivity with Wireless

By smicinski ·
I have Window XP on my computer and had an older version of Linksys's WMP54G wireless adapter in my computer. Everything worked fine until I gave it to my kids and bought a newer WMP54G card and installed it. It seems to work fine and everything says it is working until I lose connectivity to my router. This happens at no particular interval but usually 5-60 mins after starting the computer. I lose my connection and then it re-establishes itself after a minute or so. I have been on Linksys site including chat but nothing seems to help. I have updated drivers and checked everything I know to do but still losing connection. Help please!

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by ServHi-Tech In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

I was having a lot of trouble with a lot of workstation before SP2 with the wireless connection when using automatic windows configuration. At that time, I disable the windows automatic config and use the utility that was coming with the wireless card. But now with SP2, no problem anymore. But you have to setup manually the connection in your favorite AP under Control Panel -> Network Connection -> Right-click your wireless connection -> properies -> 2nd tab (Wireless Network) -> At the bottom click Add and setup your AP. To get maximum security, you should disable broadcasting the SSID on your router and use WPA 128bits encryption with a 10 HEX key with a SHARED System and not an OPEN system. If you setup the same exact thing in your Windows, it will connect and stay connected at all time. I have 27 wireless networks to administer.

Thank You

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by ServHi-Tech In reply to

One thing...

If you are using a D-Link Wi-Fi card and your router is set not to broadcast SSID AND you have others broadcastings networks availaible that ARE SECURED, you won't be able to connect. To connect you will have to braodcast your SSID too. D-Link told me that it was a behavior of Windows XP but I DID proove that it was the D-Link card and not Windows. I have others computers that are able to connect to the same router even with the broadcast SSID disable and others networks availables..

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by david_akali In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

I had a similar problem with my D-link card after I upgraded the firmware on the Wireless Router. I reinstalled the firmaware several times just as I had been advised by tech support but decided to fall back to the previous version after getting no result. Check and see if there is a firmware upgrade for your AP or Wireless Router.

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