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Intermittent Freeze

By exponentialfit ·
My computer freezes intermittently while typing , from 1- 3 x per day. I have a newer P-3 500 clone, 128 mb ram, connected to a NT Network.
It happens when I am typing and usually when I press and hold down the space or arrow key for 1-2 seconds, but sometimes while just typing. It doesn't happen all of the time, and I can't replicate the problem at will. It happens in WordPerfect 8, Quattro Pro 8, MS Outlook. Usually it just locks up. Today when I held down space, it went to a re- boot.
I've tried to eliminate hardware problems. I've switched keyboards and switched keyboard extension cables. I've tried to unplug and re plug the keyboard and mouse cable after the freeze, but this does not help. The computer beeps when I unplug the keyboard cable.
When I first got the computer, it would happen only when using the mouse. Then it changed to only when using the keyboard.

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