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Internet Connection Slow Down

By BorgInva ·
Internet Speed Bogs
- XP SP2 (updated with everything)
- Netgear Web Safe Router Gateway RP614 (latest drivers)
*Custom build PC:
- Hitachi / 400GB / 7200 / 8MB / SATA-150 / OEM
- 2nd drive is a 100G.
- Kingston 1024MB PC4200 533Mhz DDR2 Memory
- Pentium 4 660 series (64-bit) 3.60GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology, 800MHz Front Side Bus and 2MB L2 Cache.
- ECS PF21 Extreme Intel Socket 775 ATX Motherboard / PCI Express / Audio / USB 2.0 & Firewire / Dual Gigabit LAN / WLAN USB Adapter / SATA / RAID

All of the sudden my PC has been at a crawl and so has the Internet. Timewarner says everything checks out on their side. I do many speed tests on websites and it is confirmed I have the upo/download speeds I get form them. Yet, my internet is slow. This computer has been fine for months until recently. It is defragged as much as it can be. Registry is cleaned form a couple of different programs. No viruses, spyware, etc. Nothing running in the background that will take up processor time. Currently my CPU usage is 2% and my network utilization on the GIG card is 0.09%. I have the swap file, which is over a GIG in size, on the slave drive, which also serves as a backup. Nothing is run from it.
Any tweaks I have done have not been much help. Even with the PC connected directly into the cable modem, the internet seems sluggish.
Any ideas I may not have tried for either fixing my net speed or PC speed (programs and even accessing Windows Explorer are getting slower).
I am at a lost.
Nothing bad is running. Not a lot is running. Even trying to use FreeRAM XP Pro. System is cleaned of temp files and such. IE and FF are as updated as they can get right now.
Please let me know if you have any ideas? Thanks. I really want to figure out this internet connection problem.
Sgt! Got any good tips for me on this one?

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try this

by reyanthonyestimo In reply to

sometimes security software can cause the pc and the internet to slow down..try to disable the firewall and then check the internet and if the internet works fine then theres a hw issue on your pc

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Why Internet is Slow.

by jayz419 In reply to Internet Connection Slow ...

It?s possible that the slowed Internet connection is caused by any or all of the following:

Computer Viruses -- programs written to do harm to your computer that spread via email or any other way computers can share data (i.e., floppy, Zip, CD or other types of disks)
Worms -- viruses written with the intention of computer disruption and the capability of spreading themselves from computer to computer
Trojans -- programs written to enable a remote user to control your computer for any purpose, such as email spamming or attacking other computers via your computer.
Malware -- usually some sort of combination of all the above.
Spyware -- programs written to track where you go, what you see and/or buy in order to sell that data to marketing companies or advertising clients.
Adware -- programs written to continuously blast you with advertising and/or re-route your webpage requests with pages that are other than those you requested.

Try to use appropriate tools to retify this problem and i bet it will go back to normal as i have tried it already

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by a688 In reply to Internet Connection Slow ...


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