Internet Connection Slowed

By j_aaberg ·
Just about a week ago now we upgraded our dial-up to a satellite internet connection. It was working great up until a few days ago. I have a younger brother who was on Windows Live Messenger and had clicked on one of those virus/spyware hidden links. After I found that out I had to spend $40 to renew our McAfee Security Center which we had not been using for around 3 months due to not re-subscribing. So I ended up buying and downloading that, then I realized that surfing the web become very slow compared to what it was at when we had gotten our new internet. I don't know if it is because of the virus/spyware that my younger brother clicked on or because of the newly updated McAfee. I have been trying everything I can think of and frankly I am out of ideas. I am only a Junior in high school so if it is an obvious problem please don't give me too much grief . But I would really appreciate anybodies insights on what the problem could be and how to fix it. Thanks.

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RE: Internet Connection Slowed

by Jacky Howe In reply to Internet Connection Slowe ...

A couple of things to try.
Use a spyware program like Spybot to check for malaware. Install it but run it in Safe Mode.

Download HijackThis v2.0.2 for Spyware

Post your hijackthis log to an appropriate forum. Then follow their instructions.

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It may be a coincidence unless you hit their Fair Access Policy limits

by OnTheRopes In reply to Internet Connection Slowe ...

Last night I called Hughesnet satellite support because <i>our</i> connection slowed to a crawl. At the end of the call I was asked to perform their speed test for 3 days, 4X throughout each day, 3 tests each time and then call them back with the results. It may be <i>them</i> having some type of problem and not me. That may be your case as well.
Re: Fair Access Policy- The satellite service we use has a fairly low cap, 350mb in 24 hours. That seems to be equivalent to a day of normal browsing followed by watching 3 hours of youtube movies. I've hit my cap once and the speed was abysmally slow, less than dial-up. You can check your usage yourself by going to the web page your ISP will provide to see if you've hit the FAP limit.

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See I thought that too at first

by j_aaberg In reply to It may be a coincidence u ...

But I also have a PS3 and it is connected to our wireless router so I tried that to see if it was the network, but that runs the exact same as it did before. I did forget to mention before though that I have been having problems with my Windows Live Messenger so in the end I deleted it and downloaded it again. It still is rarely working and when it does it lags badly (like you would click on something and it won't realize it for a few seconds). So right now I am almost totally lost. I am tempted to just delete the whole McAfee Security Center and see if that was the problem but if it wasn't I'm not sure if I can re-download the new version I had to pay $40 for. And if that was it, I don't know if I just want to risk not having any type of security system. Any ideas?

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A few thoughts

by OnTheRopes In reply to See I thought that too at ...

Many applications have a tab or someplace where you can look to view license information. Try looking in ?Help/About? or ?Information?, it should be there somewhere. Once you find it write down the key number as you'll be prompted for it if you decide to **** it away and re-download.<br><br>
It's been a couple of years since I've run McAfee Security Center so I can't tell you exactly where to look. <br><br>
For what it's worth: I'm connected thru a Linksys router and just use Windows Firewall. I have the free versions of AVG Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware. I also use SpywareBlaster, Spybot Search and Destroy and Adaware SE Personal though I don't think you can get the latter anymore.<br><br>
Over the last couple of years I've tried a lot of different applications, Mcafee among them. All I know is that my computer runs pretty well <i>without</i> my feeling that it's full of security programs that slow it down. <br><br>
I haven't had any problems since I installed and configured the router. Prior to that I had to run Internet Connection Sharing due to the satellite connection being USB. I couldn't find a router that would work. <br><br>
Everyones security solution is going to be different. What I do works for me.

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Alright I think we're getting closer here

by j_aaberg In reply to A few thoughts

I talked to my computer teacher about this today and she says she thinks it's spyware because the only thing that is lagging right now is uploading web pages. So I just downloaded SpywareBlaster like you said you use and I also downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy. SpywareBlaster is just a prevention one right? I couldn't find anything on it to scan and destroy the spyware. Spybot Search and Destroy I scanned my computer with and said I have 1705 infected files on the computer. I cannot delete them without paying the $39.95 it asks for to register. If I pay for that will it take out all the spyware threat? Because if it doesn't I definitely don't want to pay for it. I have already paid the $40 for McAfee so if I have to pay for anything else I would really like it if it would take out the problem completely. I'll wait until I hear what you think before I spend the money on the Spybot Search and Destroy. And thank you for the help so far, we've got to be close to getting this thing fixed.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to Alright I think we're get ...

Make sure its Spybot Search and Destroy (Spybot S&D)which is freeware, not Spyware bot, which is just teaser software.

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Don't spend the money!

by OnTheRopes In reply to Alright I think we're get ...

I should've posted the link to the Spybot S&amp download. My oversight. This is the link:
The Spybot S&amp I'm talking about is free and fully functional. You may have a program by the same name but it's not the same one. I suggest that you uninstall the program you have before proceeding further and then get the one at the link. Don't forget to get all updates.
SpywareBlaster does prevent spyware from loading. The free Spybot S&amp I'm talking about does too. It has an immunize feature. If you can't figure it out after you get it I'll provide instructions.<br><br>
With as many infected files as you have I suggest that you get the free, fully functional, trial version of Sunbelt Software's Counterspy too. That's available here:
After running scans with <i>the</i> Spybot do a "deep" scan with Counterspy after getting all of it's updates. You'll see "deep" scan as an option. It could take awhile to run a scan depending upon your set-up. After removing all infections and your Spybot and Counterspy scans are clean with no infections I suggest that you reboot and scan with both programs again. If those scans come up clean you can uninstall Counterspy before the trial expires. Be aware that you won't normally be able to install Counterspy again after the original trial period expires.<br><br>
If your scans don't come up clean the second time around, after rebooting, there are options to fix that depending upon what is still infected. Let me know what happens.<br><br> With any luck the Spybot S&amp from the link I've provided and Counterspy will get rid of anything that might be slowing you down. <br><br>
Let me know how it goes. I'm subscribed to this question so I'll see if you post anything. Thanks for the thumbs up too. <br><br>
My satellite connection is running just fine during the day. I've noticed from the speed tests that it begins to slow about 4-5 in the afternoon. Hopefully Hughesnet will fix that. I have two more days of tests to run for them before I call them to see what's going on.
What do you use for a browser?

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Alright here's where we are now...

by j_aaberg In reply to Don't spend the money!

I deleted the 'wannabe' SpybotS&amp program. Downloaded the right one. I downloaded all updates, immunized everything, and then did the 'search and destroy' and ended up deleting 98 spyware (red) items. I haven't rebooted the computer so I'm not sure if it has made a difference yet, I'm hoping so. I have not yet downloaded Counterspy. I should get some sleep here shortly since I have to get up for school in the morning . Early evening tomorrow I will be going hard on trying to fix this again. I'll download the Counterspy and scan it a few times with each program and let you know how it turns out.

Thank you very, very much for helping me out with this. Without any of this I would be lost and I have no idea what I would do. So thank you!!

The browser I am using now is just Explorer 7. I did download Firefox right when this slow-down occurred to see if that could fix the problem but I think it was running even slower so I deleted it.

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I use Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox not that I haven't tried IE7

by OnTheRopes In reply to Alright here's where we a ...

When I had gotten the Internet Explorer 7 upgrade my computer slowed way down. At that time I'd been using Firefox for awhile. I didn't need the "upgrade" to IE7 so I uninstalled it. All I use Internet Explorer for is to get updates from Microsoft and use my gmail account ever since gmail went to 2.0.
I wouldn't expect IE7 to throttle your bandwidth though you might want to read here at TR and elsewhere about comparisons between Firefox and IE regarding security. Maybe you'll want to try Firefox again after you get your PC straightened out.
Do you <i>use</i> Windows Live messenger? I have mine turned off. It's annoying if you don't use it.
There are other free anti-spyware and utility solutions besides the ones already mentioned. We should get your pc squared away yet.<br><br>
Something else I should've mentioned in my first post- back up all of your data to external storage. If you've got important pix and papers on your pc you don't need to lose them. Save them while you can. <br><br>
You didn't say whether or not Spybot S&amp found any trojans or not. I think it does search for them. Hopefully you just have spyware possibly due to using IE as a browser. Like I said, you'll want to read up on that. <br><br>
If you've found trojans I'm going to recommend that you save all of your data then reinstall your operating system. There are several good articles and posts here at TR on how best to do that. I can direct you to them.
One more time, back up your data. I don't need to be sorry that I didn't say something sooner. It's good practice to <i>always</i> have at least one backup of any important info just in case something eats your hard-drive. :0 <br>I'm patiently waiting to see the results of your scans.

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Ok now I have downloaded both of them....

by j_aaberg In reply to Don't spend the money!

Spybot S&amp and Counterspy 15 Day Trial. I've scanned with S&amp 3-4 times and Counterspy twice. With both of them currently scanning too. Like I said before, with S&amp I first had 98 infected files and deleted them all (I can't remember how many, if any trojans there were). The 2nd time I had 2 (not trojans), the 3rd time I had 1 (also not trojan), and the 4th time none. With Counterspy, the first time I had quite a few but only one that was above 'low'. It was 'Very High'. The 2nd time I scanned with that I got 1 trojan and that was it. I deleted that.

I have not seen any improvement whatsoever for the computer. If anything it might be getting worse. Windows Live Messenger (which I do use quite a bit) does not work very well. It will sign in normally but it is very prone to just locking up and 'not responding'. All websites are VERY slow to load and about half the time is also 'not responding'. This is very frustrating as I thought we were getting closer to getting rid of the problem but instead it seems that the problem is getting bigger. If I cannot fix this in another week at most I think I'll have to bring it in to a computer place. I did have one idea though. Do you know if you can save iTunes to an external hard-drive? If that is at all possible I think I might just do that and then wipe the whole computer. That is the only thing that is of real importance to me on the computer. Everything else that I can think of can be easily replaced. But with iTunes after you download your purchased music/videos once, you cannot do it again, without paying for it. iTunes is way too protective of everything .

Oh, and I actually don't back-up anything on my computer. For one, I never learned how to do it (as I said before I am only a Junior in high school) and I also don't really have anything I need to back-up. Atleast I don't think so. I just don't want to lose my 2,000 songs and 30 hours of video.

Any help with any of these situations will be greatly appreciated..again. And thank you for all your efforts so far.

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