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Internet Exploder

By CheechWizard2010 ·
When is internet Exploder going to work like it should?

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Internet Exploder

by CheechWizard2010 In reply to Internet Exploder

And ALL of the other browsers for that matter?

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Well in my experience

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Exploder

FF works excellently provided you never load it onto a Windows Platform.

I'm sure if you where to port the others to Unix they would work reasonably well as well.

But if this helps I know a Nix Developer who has ported IE to his distribution of Linux and it works a treat.

Mind you he tells all of the people who ask that he's using the New Alpha version of Windows and that Big Blue E just reinforces it to the people looking.

Of course I got a good laugh out of that comment.


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I really have no idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Exploder

But as it is a M$ product probably never.

Remember that M$ Moto is Near Enough is Good Enough and we'll fix it in the field or at the next Upgrade.

But if you refer to it as M$ originally called it Infernal Exploder it works exactly as described so there is no need to improve anything.


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It will work,

by .Martin. In reply to Internet Exploder

when the sun freezes over.

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