Internet Explorer 7.0 Problem

By kyonts ·
I have a PC in my company that can not use the US Airways website. Everytime he tries to search for a flight or log into the site, he gets the "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message. He has a new Dell Latitude laptop running XP Pro and IE 7.0. I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE.

Has anyone else had this problem and know what the solution is to fix this issue?

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Something to try

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Internet Explorer 7.0 Pro ...

I had a similar situation with one workstation where IE crashed when a particular site was opened.
I believe it had something to do with the java elements used by the site.

Updating to the latest version of Sun Java Runtime cured it.

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Thanks for the suggestion

by kyonts In reply to Something to try

Thank you very much for the response. I actually thought about this and have already tried this remedy. It did not correct the issue.

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Just curious...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Thanks for the suggestion

Did this particular workstation have a beta version of IE7 installed on it at one time?
I have seen circumstances where that later caused issues as well.

If so, before we go there, try resetting the IE default settings:
With Internet Explorer open, click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options. There, click on the Advanced tab and then the Restore Defaults button or 'Reset Internet Explorer Settings.' Lastly, click Apply and OK. Close & Reopen IE and test.

There are some extra steps needed to fully uninstall IE7 when a beta was present.

Remember, for Beta 1 you need to click on 'show updates' to see the IE 7 uninstall entry in add/remove programs.

For Beta 2 & later you can see the IE 7 uninstall entry as a standalone entry, no show updates required here.

If you don't see the uninstall entires even after following the above steps then do the following -
Go to Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View - Enable the Show Hidden Files and Folders.
Go to Start Menu/Run paste the following code & press enter(check the exact path in your windows folder)

One other way to do it is to manually navigate to the path shown above and click on spuninst.exe.

Afterward, you can re-install IE7. Here's the link for convenience:

(If ya want my honest opinion, if the OS is XP, I'd tell ya to go back to IE6. But I know that's not a real fix.)

If the issue continues, your situation may be due to Spyware, Adware or Malware.
Try emptying your Internet Explorer temporary cache and then doing a scan and clean using either X-Cleaner Micro and/or Ad-Aware. Both are free.

X-Cleaner Micro:


I hope this helps.
Please let me know what the ultimate resolution is.

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Have you completely uninstalled both versions of IE?

by christophe0241 In reply to Internet Explorer 7.0 Pro ...

Uninstall IE7 from Add/Remove Programs, restart. <br>Uninstall Internet Explorer from Add/Remove Programs>Add or Remove Windows Components.<br>Just make sure you've made your way to the Microsoft website to download a copy of IE6 before uninstalling the component, or you'll be left with a computer with no browser. <a href="">The Website Is Here.</a>

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alternate browser?

by wadamaq In reply to Internet Explorer 7.0 Pro ...

have you tried an alternate browser like firefox or opera? if it works in another browser we know that the problem is with IE, if not there could be a problem with a java applet or something along those lines

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Alternate Browser

by kyonts In reply to alternate browser?

I was trying not to change the browser because this is my CEOs PC.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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The Solution is Not What You Want To Hear

by donaldcoe In reply to Internet Explorer 7.0 Pro ...

Here is the Down and Dirty, your Dell probably came with XP Pro and IE7 pre-installed so it is believed there was no IE6 previously installed and archived to allow a fall back option from IE7. Since IE files are shared files with other MS applications they can not be fully uninstalled.
First Step: Locate and download IE6setup file (which is merely a internet connection link to the MS Server) and store it on a CD (hoping you have a CD Burner) or an external USB drive big enough for it's storage, also since we're in the download frenzy find Service Pack 2 for XP and get it as well because your system's restore CD may only offer IE7 to be reinstalled (catch 22) and since you need an functional IE product. Service Pack 2 must be installed to get those additional critical updates and patches with the happy handshake from Windows Genuine to proceed further. Once these 2 files are downloaded and safely stored externally, delete your partition, recreate a new partition, format and reinstall your XP Pro without IE7, reboot a least twice, locate your safely stored IE6Setup link and activate it's install process to completion and reboot it also at least twice and test it's functionality. Install your Office apps if any and open them all up and test functionality and very last install your Service Pack 2 and make sure to request "Archive Files" option. Do a full system backup and not just restore disks. Then you can play with the BIG Guns everywhere you go. Remember everyone cuts corners on software's provided, so if you don't have a CD for it then you Don't Have It, but not all is lost because a handy USB External Hard Drive can be used to backup and restore files you don't have the CD's for. A Full Backup is a MUST prior starting all this or you will have a very unhappy day.

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IE 6.0 Confusion

by kyonts In reply to The Solution is Not What ...

I am a little confused. I did not want to install IE 6.0, I want to figure out why IE 7.0 doesn't work. This problem PC is my CEOs PC. My PC (also a Dell Latitude with IE 7.0) works fine on this problem website. Therefore, it suggests that something is installed on my PC that is not installed on my CEOs PC. I have tried all the probables and haven't hit on the problem. I was hoping someone else had run into this and found the solution that would help me.


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I understood perfectly

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to IE 6.0 Confusion

So... the ideas I gave under "just curious" weren't of any help?

Every time I have run into a similar situation, those steps resolved it.

With no beta remnants, no spyware involved, IE settings reset to default, Java Runtime updated,... I'm at a loss. I'll do more investigation and get back to you if I come up with any other ideas.

Perhaps someone else will step in with new insight.

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Just Curious

by kyonts In reply to I understood perfectly

Actually, I have not had an opportunity to try any of the suggestions yet. I will not have an opportunity to give them a try until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. I will definitely give them a try though. I really appreciate your suggestions.

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