Internet goes down across an organization. What do you do to troubleshoot?

By FredTill ·
You are an IT professional working for a large organization. The internet goes down across the organization and you need to act quickly. What do you do to remain focused and stay calm? What steps would you take to trouble shoot the issue?

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by Slayer_ In reply to check the modem?

Glad to hear I'm not totally wrong :)

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by OH Smeg In reply to check the modem?

Even the Chip Set or Integrated Circuits used in these devices are called Modem Chips or things like Modem on/in a Chip.


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by a.portman In reply to Internet goes down across ...

Verify the Internet is down "everywhere". Then start at the connection and work in. Otherwise, start at the desktop and work out.

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First confirm network access

by mjd420nova In reply to Internet goes down across ...

Using just a single laptop, connect to the modem to check access from there. If that works , it's the network/server if not access there, call your ISP.

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First, make sure the call isn't from

by jtuck004 In reply to Internet goes down across ...

the boss's nephew, who tries to download the entire Internet onto his Chromebook and complains that "the Internet" is down 4x a week. And while you are in your chair, take a glance out the window and make sure there isn't a backhoe working next to the service entrace for your T1.

With that out of the way, take your laptop and, listening for the sounds of grumbling from other users as you make your way to the main router, (so as to make sure it is really down for everyone). Then, by looking to make sure a light is on at the module where your T1 plugs in to the router, and thus making sure they haven't tripped the breaker, again, by plugging the coffee pot into the same receptacle, again, see if you have service to the switches by plugging in your laptop (into which you have hardoded an IP address and DNS server) to see if you get access at the router. You do have a straight-thru cable with you, right?

Oh yeah, and if you find that Internet access is being provided by a modem, you aren't in as large an organization as you think.

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by mamccfts In reply to Internet goes down across ...

I would... Keep Calm and Chive On

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Reboot it!

by aj42617 In reply to Internet goes down across ...

*Check if the issue is 1 device or network wide?
If network-wide this is an issue then reboot your router and/or Firewall, wait 5 minutes and check for connectivity.
*Then contact your ISP for confirmation of connectivity.

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My properly designed "large organization" network...

by Ryalsbane In reply to Internet goes down across ...

...would continue to function. I would remain calm and focused due to having planned for this contingency when I designed (or redesigned when I took over for the previously ousted Network Manager/Admin) and implemented the network infrastructure to include redundant failover paths to the internet. My customers (company's employees and management) would not be aware of a failure until I announced it. I would know of the failure from the 24/7/365 monitoring and notification subsystems in place for this purpose.

Assuming a basic go/no go monitoring with notification subsystem and that the local network is still functioning, I would do as lucvdv@ suggested. To get a quick, assessment of the scope of the failure and where the potential failure point is I would perform a traceroute to multiple internet destinations. The results will quickly tell me if the problem is with my local premises equipment, between the LAN and the ISP or with the ISP premises equipment. Once the scope of the problem is determined, if the problem is with local premises equipment I follow a reiterative "divide and conquer" process using traceroute, ping, netstat, nslookup, etc., to test for DNS and routing issues ultimately continuing through until the problem is fully isolated.

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by OH Smeg In reply to My properly designed "lar ...

But as you are not using a Modem you obviously don't have a connection to the WWW. So it doesn't really matter to you does it? :^0


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DHCP Server

by Alec Lerg In reply to Internet goes down across ...

We have two ISPs and a server for DHCP, if the main network or backup network is down, the first thing that we do is make the changes in the server for the user to start using the other network, until we find the solution for the problem. The main network is where most of the user are connected to, the second network we have it as a backup in case the main network goes down, but still we have a couple of user in the second ISP, that way we know it the backup network is down.
We have KS-HostMonitor, monitoring the network so, that way we know if there is a problem in the LAN or with the ISPs. Just yesterday we had a problem with the backup network. One of the users told me that the network was really slow, so I connected my computer to that network to realized that in fact it was really slow. In speedtest, it gave me less than 1MB and I ping to and it gave me around 700ms in response. I contacted the ISP and they asked me to connect directly to the modem, I did that and it still was slow, after that they realized that the problem was on their end, and finally they replaced their equipment.
Having a backup network is what has save our company and being able to do the necessary changes fast by having the DHCP server.

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