Internet Problem

By sharq.66 ·
i have WAG54G2 linksys router for DSL connection.

Week ago i have upgraded the linksys firmware Version:V1.00.19 and also installed Trend Micro Work Free business security Advanced in WinSer2003.

Every morning i have to reboot the server to access internet..

Any Advice ?

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At least...

by TobiF In reply to firmware upgrade

You no longer need to reboot. :)

In this locked state, can your computer still reach the router?

Have you tried disabling Trend Micro?

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by sharq.66 In reply to At least...

Tried disabling Trendmicro...

nothing works...

when the internet is down i can access the router webpage...

any further advice

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by TobiF In reply to Tried

Since you can access the router, your IP routing works.

This means that the problem is either the router dropping connection to the internet, or some problems with dns.

So, next time:
Try the pinging I described in an earlier post (to and directly to the corresponding ip address). If "pinging to numbers" works, then we need to drill deeper into dns settings.

Also check the status page on your router. Does it tell you anything about the internet connection status?

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by sharq.66 In reply to Well

I will ping the google as u asked me to do...

whenever the internet is down...the DSL connection, Gateway, LAN, Wireless all are showing up....

and one more thing...

whenever i try to repair network interface i got an error clearing arp cache....

i flushed dns from commond prompt and also deleted the arp cache

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Don't bother to much about ARP cache

by TobiF In reply to ok

ARP is used to bind ethernet MAC addresses with IP (dotted) addresses.
And, as far I can see, that works.
The error could depend on mismatch due to partial support for IPv6, or different authority levels (where ARP is very low in the protocol stack - close to the system core).

By the way, IPv6 could be involved in this, one way or another. If you don't use it and your ISP doesn't support it, you might be better off unchecking IPv6 in your list of networking protocols...

Anyway, we'll wait and see.

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