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Internet radio's bandwidth for Corporate LAN

By johnnywatt ·
Does anyone recommend ceasing Internet radio like Windows Media Player on Corporate LAN's to reduce bandwidth? Or, does Internet radio not really pose problem or concern?
150 Users max on LAN.

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That's pretty much dependant on your usage

by Oz_Media In reply to Internet radio's bandwidt ...

Most streaming audio is at a relatively low bitrate, thus doesn't suck a lot of bandwidth up.

If you have 150 people all listening to different stations wouldn't the office be a bit noisy?

It depends on how much bandwidth your ISP gives you each month 5 10 gigs or whatever. Did you ever go over before Internet radio was big in your office?

Do people not have actual radios or cd players at the office?

Sorry, but this is the most absurd thing I 've heard. Upwards of 150 users using internet radio?

Even if 50 used the internet radio I'd start raising eyebrows. Why wouldn't you invest in a small desktop CD player, better sound by far. Internet radio for the most part is horrible quality garbage.

I would shut it down just as an annoyance.Then scream "Buy a freaking radio and some headphones you cheap losers!!"

Hope that helped a bit. :)

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I would not.

by NTSysop In reply to Internet radio's bandwidt ...

I would not restrict usage unless noise becomes a problem. The bandwidth usage is not near as bad as some streaming content websites. If you are having bandwidth concerns, I'd look elsewhere on the network. As long as management doesn't have a problem with listening to music at work and the people use a little common sense with the volume controls, I'd let it live on.

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150 Users, % usage unknown

by johnnywatt In reply to Internet radio's bandwidt ...

150 Users, but I cannot tell how many people are using the internet radio. I do know that some use it and when others see it, they start to use and so-on. People at their workstations use headphones or in their offices so noise is not much concern. The streaming of Internet radio from 8AM to 5pm is my concern.

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by Oz_Media In reply to 150 Users, % usage unknow ...

Tell them to buy a walkman or bring a friggin' radio with headphones to work.

Are you running a corporate radio station?

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Depends on what the Corporate I-Net connection is there for ,..

by TechJock In reply to Internet radio's bandwidt ...

Why does the Corporation have the connection in the first place? E-Mail? WWW Access? ...

The other posters are correct in telling you that streaming audio doesn't consume much bandwidth, but it depends on how much bandwidth you have available and what it is supposed to be used for.

If you suspect that bandwidth is suffering, you could always investigate a QoS router to give higher priority to those services that are more important to the Corp.

At the point you are at, (~150 users) Internet Radio is most likely viewed as a perk by the people who use it. Turning it off without Corporate backing might create unwanted backlash.

True, most computers today have sound cards and CD-ROM drives, but people like variety during their boring Corporate grind days.

I'd say leave it alone and keep the users happy unless there is a business reason to limit it.

Now porn surfing on the other hand ...

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by JamesRL In reply to Depends on what the Corpo ...

At my previous employer, we blocked all Internet streaming sites, kazaa clients warez sites and just about anything streaming - stock tickers included. But they were very clear that non business access to the net was a privelege, not a right, and that costs would be contained.

My current employer is similar - people use their CD drives and headphones to play music.


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The last office I was in

by Oz_Media In reply to Bingo

I use dot have surround sound speakers and I'd crank music all day. With the sub turned up you could turn the office into a night club, it was AWESOME!

I used to mix it up just to keep people on their toes. I would be playing heavy metal all day and then put on some Hindi music, smoky jazz, or classical. I love playing head games with peopel who think they figure you out!

No wonder they let me move and work from home for a year!

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by dafe2 In reply to Bingo

None of what you mention has a place in the office. Headphones & a radio don't cost that much. Infrastructure belongs to the corporation & most AUP's include these restriction. We've also included many restricted apps in GPO's up to and including Firefox lately.

** I just saw your (AECL) answer this afternoon.....I still maintain relashionships with many people at Chalk River & recently just finished some work with GE that involved some of the guys from AECL Mississauga........all good guys & easy to work with. I probably shouldn't ask her but are you still in the industry or have you move on to other things?

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Moved on

by JamesRL In reply to Absolutely

I did try to get an in at the firm that provides IT services at Ontario Hydro, but it didn't pan out.

I enjoyed my time at AECL, but it was just 3 years. The IT staff is about half the size it was when I started. I really enjoyed spending time up at Chalk River - love the scenery and the pace of life.


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Internet Radio

by williamrcastillo In reply to Depends on what the Corpo ...

I have been asking this same question. I users complaining about how slow the net work runs, but then about half of my 50 users are streaming radio, video weather info the news, gameswhat ever they want.

I am all for letting folks do stuff, but all this streaming has got to take a toll on net bandwidth. Any suggestions for easy to use tools that can be put in place to document this kind of activty?

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