Internet redundancy for 1 windows 2003 server using two network cards

By pablolh ·
I want to have internet redundancy for my windows 2003 web server. I use this server for email and web hosting. Currently this server has two network cards.

I have two different ISP's. And I want to assign one IP or ISP to one network card and the second IP or ISP to the second network card.

I get the following error, "Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network (such as intranet or internet) they will not function properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks..."

Any suggestions what I can do have internet redundancy?

Thank you in advance...

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is it actually a server

by sakuhara In reply to Internet redundancy for 1 ...

server nics use "teaming". if you are using desktop hardware then I suggest getting a router in between your modem and desktop. then set your nics to static IPs and then throught the router you forward / traffic as needed to and from the specific nics

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IP addresses for NIC's and DNS

by pablolh In reply to is it actually a server

It's a custom made server...
I am going to get a 2 wan port router then I am going to do port forwarding.

On the server can I use the following IP addressess?

NIC 1.
NIC 2.

So that they are on the same gateway.

Also, currently the Windows DNS shows a global IP address (not valid IP)

Do I need to change the DNS to 192.168.55.x?

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by CG IT In reply to IP addresses for NIC's an ...

multihomed doesn't work right if both NICs are on the same subnet. Windows can't tell which to use so it used neither.

your best bet is the dual WAN perimeter router and configure it for failover rather than load balance. You can provide redundant routes using L2 switching with VTP trunking.

There are routers available that will allow VLAN on the routers built in switch which you can then setup individual hosts to be on individual VLANs and associate those VLANs to a WAN port on the router. QoS on the router can be used to specify priority on bandwidth for services.

but multihomed [dual NIC windows server with both NICs on the same subnet isn't gonna work out.

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Internet redundacy

by pablolh In reply to nope

Thanks for the reply...

I purchased a two WAN router the Watchguard FIREBOX X15 which says it supports failover.

I was reading about VLAN which is something that CISCO routers use and I have never configured a CISCO router.

What will be the simplest way to have internet redundancy for a web and email server. I don't have T1 lines; I have 1 DSL internet connection and 1 Cable internet connection with static IP address.

Is there a router that can do what I need and can be configured via HTML?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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The Best Solution is Peplink

by cmesut In reply to Internet redundacy
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