Internet Security Suite for a small home network 20 PCs-Laptops or less

By papawham ·
I am looking to purchase Internet securit suite software fr my home network (grandkids included) which will have a max of 20 PCs andlaptops with networked Printers/NAS units.

The network will need to support Online gaming, Photo work, music, as well as my work (Tech Support via VPN) and VM setups.

I have read so many "Reviews" and each appear to be done by the software manufactures associate company.

Any recommendations for this type of network would be appreaciated. With 6 grandkids there is a lot of coverage tomake sure they are SAFE, have fun, can research, but keep the systems as clean and safe as I can possibly make them.

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Consider Zone Labs

by Tig2 In reply to Internet Security Suite ...

Zone Alarm Internet Suite. It is an all-in-one product that provides firewall, spyware block, and AV.

Another idea, since you aren't a business would be to go with Zone Alarm (firewall only), AVG Free from Grisoft for AV, and Spybot S&amp (another free tool). I have used the three together for years and been very pleased with the level of protection.

Something else that will help you is to set everyone up with Guest account access. It's harder to pick up baddies that way. Keep your Administrator account available for administration tasks only.

Also, keep a copy of CCleaner handy. It is a fairly powerful registry clean up tool with a good GUI that will keep your registry clean and neat. I've used and recommended it for years and have it on every machine I have ever set up. The only caveat with CCleaner is that you need to run it recursively to get everything. It will remind you to back up your registry before it does anything.

Another thing that will help is to have everyone running Firefox with the AdAware plugin and the NoScripts plugin. Firefox can be configured to automate cookie dumps.

Let us know what you finally choose!

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Another option

Tricia's approach is one method, but I might humbly suggest a different approach with that many workstations and the fact that you have younger users.

I would get a firewall that would take care of most of your concerns. This approach only requires you to configure one device. One such device is the CheckPoint VPN-1. I then would install a decent AV application on each of the workstations. That could even be the free ware version of AVG that Tricia mentioned.

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Good call, Michael

by Tig2 In reply to Another option

The CheckPoint is a great tool. And certainly more robust than the Zone Alarm. I guess I made an assumption of a hardware firewall in place.

I do like the AVG Free from Grisoft. I know that there are others but I have yet to catch anything.

Believe it or not, I have been running this Mac without any protection beyond the firewall at the router. I assumed when I did this that I would have an infection of some kind within a day. Nearly two months later running the box 24x7 I still haven't gotten hit. I do believe that I've set a record!

Disclaimer- Kids, don't try this at home! I have a source disk for this thing and I have NO NPI on it. This was an experiment on a new box.

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Good Firewall

by Roger99a In reply to Another option

You're thinking what I was thinking, only I was going to suggest looking at <>

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