Internet traffic over a VPN - what server settings or ip forwarding?

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Unlike many of the questions on here related to VPN's I have set everything up correctly and can now establish my VPN using two windows XP machines, PC 1 and PC 2. No problems there.

However, internet access is lost. I don't wish to split tunnel, and I explicitly want to use the remote gateway of the remote machine (PC 2), so please no suggestions to disable the remote gateway checkbox under advanced settings.

What I want to know is how to get the VPN server of PC 2 to froward all, ALL, traffic to it's WAN interface and have PC 1 transparently use the internet (and all trypes of traffic) through PC 2's WAN interface.

I don't have ISA server, just two windows XP home machines. Does anyone know how to setup portforwarding (if that's the right term) or some way of forcing the VPN server to send all traffic of it's WAN internface?

I can't for the life of me find wha tI'm looking for - but then I'm sure I haven't googled the 'correct terminology', and it's darn frustrating!

Please, any help very much appreciated.

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What about.....

by info In reply to ideally you need DHCP Ser ...

manual bridging of the two subnets via routing table entries? would that work?

Is there a 'non-ms' version of a 'free' DHCP Relay agent with the ability to provide the services that you suggest above?

Any one else any suggestions? This is a challange now, purely intellectual!

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