IP Address for Linksys Wireless Router

By ramsqlcentral ·
I have been using a Linksys Wireless router connected to a Linksys phone adapter (Vonage). I would like to use a D-Link wireless adapter to connect a PC to the wireless router. How do I set the SSID settings in the wireless router? Windows does not automatically detect the available connections. I had once set the SSID name, but I now forgot how I got to the settings. I would appreciate any help.


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Here are the Basics

by Chris910 In reply to IP Address for Linksys Wi ...

I am assuming you used the default IP address and did not change the password.
Connect a computer to one of the wired network ports.
Open your web browser to
when prompted the username is empty and the default password is admin.
You should be able to find your SSID on the wireless tab.

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Here is the complete problem

by ramsqlcentral In reply to Here are the Basics

I get the error "Cannot find server or DNS Error" when I try I have connected my Cable Modem to a Linksys phone adapter (for Vonage Phone) and connected one of the internet ports in the Linksys adapter to a Linksys Wireless router. I remember setting the SSID when I set up the above connection. It is an unsecured connection. I am able to get wireless connections in laptops with built in wireless pci cards. I want to use a D-Link USB adapter to have wireless connection to a desktop. Earlier I had used the same D-Link USB Adapter for having wireless connection to a laptop. When I try to configure the connection using the D-Link DWL-G122 utility (or using Windows configuration), I don't see any available network when I use the infrastructure mode. In the D-Link DWL-G122 utility there is provision for Ad hoc connection (which I understand is peer to peer connection). When I set it up for this Ad hoc connection, I see the available network, but I am unable to connect and the status remains waiting for peer. My suspicion is that since I have no connection to the WAN socket in my Linksys wireless router, the D-Link considers it as a peer to peer connection, but there appears to be some configuration missing in the wireless router (that I think is considered as another PC by D-Link). This is where I am having trouble in seeing the settings for my Linksys wireless router using In another laptop, I am able to see the SSID name I had set up earlier. May be all my problems will be solved if I use a Linksys adapter or PCI card. Any suggestion to make the D-Link adapter work will be appreciated.


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To get to router

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Here is the complete prob ...

To get to your wireless router, use a laptop or PC with a wireless connection to it, go to Start/Run and type in "cmd" without the quotes. At the propmt, type "ipconfig" without the quotes. The default gateway listed is the IP address of the wireless router, so write it down. It should not be the same as your own IP address. If it is, you are not connected to it.

Now, close the command prompt window. Using your browser, navigate to the number that you just wrote down. Either you will be presented with a login window or it will go directly into the setup without asking for a password. Once in, you can find/change what you need to per previous instructions.

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Default Gateway in a wireless connected laptop is that of phone adapter

by ramsqlcentral In reply to To get to router

Thank you for your suggestion. I followed the steps you gave to get to router. Unfortunately the default gateway in a laptop connected using the wireless router is which is the ip address of the Linksys Phone adapter. I am able to go into the administration pages, but I don't see any settings for the wireless router since I have connected the ethernet port from the phone adapter to the wireless router's ethernet port (not to the WAN port).

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