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Given an IP address of, what is the subnet address?

and if anyone can explain how they got the answer i will appreciate that..thanks

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by greatnewproducts In reply to Homework

You are correct.... Years ago I was asked by my supervisor to help him hire someone. We decided to NOT allow anyone to get hired just because of the certification. We based all of our decisions on experience and answers to "common sense". Most if not all of the people that had a certification or two, and had little or no experience, did not make it.
I might be opening a can of worms here, but we found out, as did many other people in the industry, that people that paid schools to obtain a certificate, were only "thought" enough to pass the certification test. Result: Schools got their money, Students got their "certificate", we got applicants with a nice peace of paper, but no usable knowledge.

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by infinity1495 In reply to Homework

fyi greatnewproducts3 i have been in IT for 12yrs doing programminf but decided to switch, so when you say its just a cert its not do not put everyone in 1 category, Also it depends on a school, just beacuse someone went to svhool doesnt mean they dont know anything. Remember everyone was in this position one time or another, no one was born a cisco geneous

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Packet Tracer

by lehnerus2000 In reply to ip/subnets

There are errors in a few Packet Tracer exercises.

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OK, in response to the last question about how it works in real life -

by Deadly Ernest In reply to ip/subnets

I gather you understand the subnet size and number of hosts id decided by the bit position you mark the subnet at ie 000/xxxxx as against 00000/xxx etc. Well once you do that, what's actually available is shy two host numbers as the very first and last are stolen by the network for administration purposes like broadcasting etc. this happens in ALL networks and sub-networks, the more sub-nets the more admin hosts numbers that are used up.

Thus a subnet of 0000/xxxx is technically 16 hosts from .000 to .015 in decimal usage, but .000 and .015 are lost to administration and you get hosts .001 to .014 for actual usage.

Now mark the earlier answers with a thumbs up to show they answered the question for you.

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Reponse To Answer

by infinity1495 In reply to OK, in response to the la ...

Thanks i really appreciate you explaining and breaking it down for me. As far as packet tracer i understand that not all Show commands work there but GNS3 supposed to work and act like real switches and routers and the answer still doesnt agree with what the book says.

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