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IPNat.sys and Windows 2003 Firewall

By sfl1964 ·
IPNat.sys and Windows 2003 Firewall
I am taking over for another Networking company. The company istalled a W2003 Server (R2). To save time and driving to administer this server I am trying to rem,otely access the server via Remote Desktop. That of course is a failure. Going through the proper procedures I can not check on the Windows Firewall settings if Remote Desktop is enabled. The error I always receive:
"Windows Firewall can not run because another program or service is running that might use the Network Address Translation component (IPNat.sys)"

I tried to shut ipnat.sys down via the 'command prompt' by either using 'sc stop ipnat' (nothing happens there it just says running the sc query command that a stop is pending) or by using net stop ipnat. With the latter command I receive the message 'The IP Network Address Translation Service could not be stopped'.

The weird thing is I can use remote desktop from a user computer but like I said, not from the outside.

Any tips and hints I surely would appreciate.

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by ALFSAMB In reply to Solved: IPNat.sys and Win ...

Uninstall and reinstall
"Client for Microsoft Networks" in network configuration !

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Similar Issue, But With VNC

by Computer Dave In reply to Solved: IPNat.sys and Win ...

I'm building a new SBS box and cannot for the life of me get VNC to work properly. VNC can see another sever on the LAN but it cannot see any of the workstations (Win XP).
Your solution is the closest I've come to an answer but I don't have the same options you describe. In the RRAS Console, I drill-down to IP routing, I have General; Static Routes; DHCP Relay Agent; and IGMP - nothing that says Network Connection and nothing with a tab labeled Services and Ports. This is driving me nuts as it VNC works perfectly on the old SBS box I'm trying to replace.

Any help out there?


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IPNat.sys and Windows 2003 Firewall solution

by marrdon In reply to IPNat.sys and Windows 200 ...

Remove the service Pack 2, then reboot the server and try to connect .

Hope this helps...

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Cannot start ICS - Error 170: The requested resource is in use.

by info In reply to IPNat.sys and Windows 200 ...

I have just inherited a system that I'm to support ? Win2003SBS, SP2.
One of the problems I have encountered is that the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) fails to start. I searched this issue and most of the solutions points to disabling NAT in the RRAS.
I was about to do this but realized the very first message that pops up is this: ?You are disabling the router and removing its configuration. To re-enabler the router, you will have to reconfigure it. Do you want to continue??
The server is configured as router with two interfaces and I don?t think I want to disable it.
Any ideas?

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by benjaminj0711 In reply to IPNat.sys and Windows 200 ...

use its secure 256 bit encrypt and its free. you should change the config by using and following this link.

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solution that worked for me...

by albertgk In reply to IPNat.sys and Windows 200 ...

this worked for me: right click My Computer -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> RRAS right click on it and DISABLE! it will tell you will have to reconfigure later on which is ok!

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stopping IPNAT

by rayhuff In reply to solution that worked for ...

We had a similar problem with IPNAT to stop it we ran at the CMD prompt
Our problems went away.

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stopping ipnat = no server name just ip#

by anlu42 In reply to stopping IPNAT

net stop ipnat solved my problems as so far that i know at least can connect to it with its ip#, servername will not work however, and FW is still down.
DNS-records updated and \\servername is working again, but how do I avoid having to kill ipnat.sys at each reboot?
Any suggestions?

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