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Iran, Saddam, & Osama: A Continued Report

By maxwell edison ·
"As time goes on, we can expect more and more evidence to be piled up. Indeed today there is enough proof of the allegations of ties between Saddam and Bin Laden, and between Iran and Bin Laden to make any lawyer?s job easy. But the media ignores it, or ridicules it. And so I warn you, don?t be over-optimistic that the media will one day understand the connections and accept the Administration?s allegations. No matter how much evidence piles up regarding these connections, the media?s ignorance will always be the best friend of the state sponsors of terrorism?and an enemy of America?s leadership in the War on Terror."

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"......the media?s ignorance will always be the best friend of the state sponsors of terrorism....."

That's a scary thought.


?Was Saddam Hussein involved in September 11? Was Saddam Hussein involved directly with Al-Qaeda in that? The real issue is, Saddam Hussein was involved in this loosely put together terrorist movement and was a big player in it. And would help them with regard to raising funds and would help them with regard to training assistance... It?s a much more loosely connected group who have a common ideology. Or maybe you could call it a common hatred of America, the modern world and countries that represent that. And then they find ways of cooperating with each other.?

-Rudy Giuliani


When history shows - and proves - that there were indeed ties between Saddam Hussein's Iraq regime and various terrorist groups, groups that ALSO had ties with Osama bin Laden, how many of today's naysayers will admit that they were wrong and President Bush was right?

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Oz - What the heck are you talking about?????

by JimHM In reply to Attacking Australia

Put down that Bowl and needle dude - What the heck are you trying to say? Earth Calling Oz - Earth Calling -

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For those who can't keep up

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz - What the heck are yo ...

The quotation I posted : ""Australia, an innocent bystander, targeted only for reasons of association. Only the most heinous of all thugs would behave in such a way. It's a good thing we're going after them, don't you think?"

Finishes with a closed ended question. This is a weask tactic used by the insecure to obtain agreement. It doesn't request an iopinion but agreement or at least a YES or NO answer. The question is more than a yes or no question though. If you answer NO, you sound like a fool, if you answer YES you're agreeing with the comment. There is no yes or no answer abailable without some explanation or variables involved.
Old and weak marketing tool.

This statement: "An innocent bystander, like Canada, that has been targeted for it association with America. WHY"
Is because people are being targeted for being affiliated or supporting the USA. WHY? Did WE attack them? No, YOU did.

This is a closed ended wquestion: "Saddam is really bad, right?" It just fits the nature of the post, trying to get people to see eye to eye with Americas actions, sad.

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John Howard is the problem ...

by jardinier In reply to That just shows. . .

Australia could hardly be classed as an "innocent bystander" after committing troops to Iraq. but the Bali bombing I speculate is a separate issue.

In my opinion, and that of others, John Howard got carried away with his self-assumed importance of playing in the Big League. "Look, I am as important as George Bush and Tony Blair." This very little man leading a country with a population of just 20 million, never ceased to miss an opportunity to **** his trumpet. "Look! Look! Australia is a big time player in world politics."

I am far from being the only person to lay the blame of the loss of Australian lives in Bali squarely at the Prime Minister's feet. He may as well have said, and did by implication: "Look. Australia is as significant a world power as the UK and USA. Come and get us. We're ready for you."

The editress of a local free monthly dared to voice this opinion in her magazine. Because the distribution area of this newspaper was in the middle of Liberal hearland, many advertisers blacklisted the publication, which was obliged to extend its distribution to two other State electoral divisions in order to continue operating.

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Australia target - because not radical Islam -

by JimHM In reply to John Howard is the proble ...

Australians were attacked because you are an Evil country - you are not part of the radical or fundamentist Islamic faith.

Now - there is a big difference between Islam and Radical or fundamential Islamic faith. One preaches peace and understanding - the other is convert by any means possible.

So the Non-Fundamentist world should be prepared because those people will do anything. Not only against American but any country... And Bali showed that - No Country is safe - Today..

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What was that Jewish saying -

by JimHM In reply to Al Quaeda in Australia .. ...

What was that saying the Jew's had after WWII - from not fighting back when the Germans were rounding them up.

They came for my Baker and I did said and did nothing, then they came for my Butcher and I did and said nothing, then they came for my neighbor and I did and said nothing, when they came for me there was no one to say or do anything.

Same with what is going on today - the ratical wing of Islam see all non-Islam people as the devil who must be destroyed - no matter what or who (men, women, children). The sooner people understand and realize they will not stop until every nation and person is Islam, we must stop them by any means possible.

Austie didn't think they were an Evil country until Bali - Hello. Britian - France - Germany - Russa - Japan - you name it, if it isn't an Islam state with Islam laws and courts - then you are the devil ...

They need to be hunted down and removed, terminated or dispatched - which ever word you want to us. They don't understand peace - they see it as weakness - and will attack harder. Study terrorism - attend some courses - its very scary ... as to how the Media portrays them and how they are.

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Very true...

by onbliss In reply to What was that Jewish sayi ...

As long as we are going to be the 'infidels'...we are going to be attacked. How come when the world wants all the religions to be modernized, it is mute on Islam? It is unfortunate that except for us - forum members - very few in the media, diplomats, NGOs, Government personnels ever call what Islam is actually....

We are the ostriches ready to stick our head in the sand..

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getting at them

by john_wills In reply to What was that Jewish sayi ...

Islamic terrorism is in large measure a response to Zionism, the most virulent form of anti-Semitism alive today. We Westerners did not get at the Zionist thesis, so the Al Qa'ida antithesis grew. Now, instead of recognising the consequences of our own (in)activity we get diverted with excursions into Iraq instead of getting at either Al Qa'ida or Zionism. If we started with ourselves we would better understand the evil outside us, and be better able to tackle it.

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Can't disagree either...

by onbliss In reply to getting at them

...the formation of Israel has always been a thorn in the flesh.

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not quite

by john_wills In reply to Can't disagree either...

The word "Israel" has several meanings, even in the Bible (see my book Albatross 0-595-19418-4). But the Bible has no reference to the Israeli state; Jerry Falwell and the like think it does, but that is their linguistic confusion and their unwitting blasphemy. It is the Israeli or Zionist state, not Israel in any of the Biblical meanings, that is the thorn in the flesh, or political cancer, or whatever the latest metaphor for such things is.

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What is your suggestion?

by road-dog In reply to not quite

Should the UN (dis) establish Israel? The US and all other nations cease trade and aid? Stand aside and allow Arab nations to destroy it?

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