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Iran, Saddam, & Osama: A Continued Report

By maxwell edison ·
"As time goes on, we can expect more and more evidence to be piled up. Indeed today there is enough proof of the allegations of ties between Saddam and Bin Laden, and between Iran and Bin Laden to make any lawyer?s job easy. But the media ignores it, or ridicules it. And so I warn you, don?t be over-optimistic that the media will one day understand the connections and accept the Administration?s allegations. No matter how much evidence piles up regarding these connections, the media?s ignorance will always be the best friend of the state sponsors of terrorism?and an enemy of America?s leadership in the War on Terror."

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"......the media?s ignorance will always be the best friend of the state sponsors of terrorism....."

That's a scary thought.


?Was Saddam Hussein involved in September 11? Was Saddam Hussein involved directly with Al-Qaeda in that? The real issue is, Saddam Hussein was involved in this loosely put together terrorist movement and was a big player in it. And would help them with regard to raising funds and would help them with regard to training assistance... It?s a much more loosely connected group who have a common ideology. Or maybe you could call it a common hatred of America, the modern world and countries that represent that. And then they find ways of cooperating with each other.?

-Rudy Giuliani


When history shows - and proves - that there were indeed ties between Saddam Hussein's Iraq regime and various terrorist groups, groups that ALSO had ties with Osama bin Laden, how many of today's naysayers will admit that they were wrong and President Bush was right?

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I agree

by Oz_Media In reply to What was that Jewish sayi ...

"They need to be hunted down and removed, terminated or dispatched - which ever word you want to us. They don't understand peace - they see it as weakness - and will attack harder. Study terrorism - attend some courses - its very scary ... as to how the Media portrays them and how they are."

So how are you going about that then? Destroying the country, nope hasn't worked. Invading the country, nope hasn't worked.

By forming an alliance with other countries who are opposed to the actions of terrorists, which has been done, then ignored by the USA as they went against tha wishes of thier once allied forces and doing thier own thing. Now, you've knowcked down th ebeehive, the bees have escaped. One thing about bees though, they will always return to build a bigger hive, unless you kill thier queen bee.

The always return to the same place where they built before unles it is contaminated, then they build right beside it.

What's next, a few more billion of YOUR dollars to wipe out the next hive or a joint decision to eliminate the queen bee. Doesn't matter which is decided, BUSH will always go his own way, BS the citizens of the USA to get them on his side and then side step as the true objectivs are uncovered.

Again we are quickly being clouded by stories and have ignored the impact reality. If the USA rids Iraq of Saddam, they have a good leg to stand on when asking Iraq to allow US Authorties to control Iraq's oil. they didn't find Saddam, so it's noce guys-R-us until the country is once again stabelized. Then they can use that bartering angle instead.

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Terminate the cash flow

by JimHM In reply to I agree

One of the easiest ways to end it is to dry up the cash flow. They need money to act - no money no action.

Terrorism is like a cancer - no matter the cost you have to go after each cell - otherwise it grows back stronger...

Plain and simple - It will be a long process just like fighting cancer - and terrorism is a cancer on the world community.

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terrorist state

by john_wills In reply to Terminate the cash flow

The main terrorist state receives $3,000,000 a day from the U.S. Treasury. That's the place to start: first do no harm.

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by Oz_Media In reply to terrorist state

For saying it before me, I would have never seen the end of it.

But yes, it also takes money to make money, do you not think they've already invstsed $43 mil that is now supporting itself, they get US cash but probably don't NEED it as they used too, it's just a few mil in beer money nowadays.

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George Bush world domination tour.

by Oz_Media In reply to Iran, Saddam, & Osama: A ...

I think Bush needs to finish his 2003 World Domination Tour. Too many people these days feel that appealing to the US market is good enough, in order to show longevity these days you need to tour and tour and keep touring. Everyone knows that the packaged speeches are one thing but can he do it live?

Britney can't, N-Sync can't, most of today's top 40 can't they are going nowhere fast. If you want longevity, such as Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Iron Maiden, judas Priest etc. you need to be on tour so your fans can hear you first hand.

I'd even be compelled to buy a t-shirt. I'd offer to do the graphics but skeltons and flames don't come cheap.

So lets see how this man is really viewed by the rest of the world as he starts his "2003 Attack on Iraq" tour in Britain. They are a tough crowd when it comes to not being able to perform live, it'll be interesting to see how many CD's he sells. Pehaps some lightning and mas graves, a big bomb on the back marked "To the USA with love" and all the tour dates and venues listed on it. Mind you, the t-shirts would be given out for free but you'd be shot by a Marine the first day you wore it.

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Ah - GWB - the Leader of the NWO - Oz you got to be the smartest Canadain

by JimHM In reply to George Bush world dominat ...

Oz you figured it out, when no one else has figured it out ... Dam you all must be the smartest Canadain ever. We now we have to change our plans.

Yes we were getting George W Bush in line as the New World Order leader ... taking over every country in the World...

Canada's will be 4 new states added to the USA (51 - 54). Mexico (55) another state, Britian - A US Island - Ireland and Scotland 56 & 57 state.

Oz - you is the smartest man in the world - you figured us out... GWB - the NWO Leader... Dam got to change directions now..

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Just kidding...

by onbliss In reply to Ah - GWB - the Leader of ...

South Korea (58), Philipines (59), Pakistan (60) - a difficult state like California, Afghanistan (61), Serbia (62), Diego Garcia (63)....

then what else....:-))))

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Way off again Jim

by Oz_Media In reply to Ah - GWB - the Leader of ...

You need to understand what sarcasm LOOKS like, it's hard to offer voice inflection here.

I wasn't implying that BUSH was taking over the world, good luck with that one, you're not THAT big ya know.

If Canada ever became a US state, it would be a barren void for you in no time, I don't think too many Canadians would put up with that crap.

BUSH isn't on tour regarding the war anyway. He's just doing a little schmoozing with royalty and trying to get an overall idea of how he is received in Britain, when the palace needs to up security, you know you're not liked. When the queens guard feel they need help, you gotta be a target.

I was simply just joking about BUSH's little PR venture to the UK, what's next 'Live in Japan' perhaps a live recorded speech at Budokan.

Ya just gots ta keep up Jimbo!

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Who missed it

by JimHM In reply to Way off again Jim

"You need to understand what sarcasm LOOKS like, it's hard to offer voice inflection here."

I figured a little Sarcasm back at you - Oh well - Got to Love Him - the Next NWO World Leader - What was he called in Star Trek - Mr. President??? -

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