IRQ conflict?

By darah.shawn ·
As I try and work through this moronic USB modem issue, I've come across some similar situations, most of which have ended up being IRQ conflicts between the USB Host Controllers and audio or video cards.

In particular, I'm looking at IRQ 18 on my machine:

18 NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller
18 NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT
18 VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller

All IRQ's are being used up to 23 at the moment. Unfortunately, my BIOS only allows me access (PCI or Reserved) up to 15. Vista is not allowing me to rearrange IRQ assignments.

1) Is this IRQ possibly the source of my issues with a USB modem that constantly freezes?
2) How can I get the IRQ assignments changed through Vista?

I can post the other IRQ's as well, if necessary.

PC specs are as follows:

Asus A8N-E, non-SLI, BIOS Rev. 1013
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
Onboard audio
BFGTech GeForce 7800GT
two separate generic USB2.0 cards
Vista Ultimate 32-bit (although issue is similar on 64-bit Vista and 64-bit Windows XP Pro)

Thanks in advance.

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No physical connections

by darah.shawn In reply to Could be

other than USB connection for the modem itself.

The link doesn't really show anything that appears to be of use - there is no Internet Gateway in Network Connections - not sure if this is because the system recognizes it as a dialup connection?

Not sure what else would be changing the ICS settings....but aside from that, I'm still concerned as to why I'm getting PnP Manager errors in Event Viewer.

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The error

by Jacky Howe In reply to IRQ conflict?

12 is for a device no being removed properly. The System thinks that it was removed. I wonder if it has something to do with power. Do you have access to a Powerd USB Hub to connect to.
Also have you disabled the Power options on the USB Root Hubs. Expand the universal Serial Bus Controllers
Double click on the USB Root Hub
Select the Power Management Tab and check the "allow the computer to turn off the device to Save Power
If you have more than one USB Root Hub, then you should apply the steps to each one of them. That's it, Reboot

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Root Hubs were disabled but

by darah.shawn In reply to The error

I've heard speculation on how much power the USB modems require (ie. just about as much as a single 4-port card puts out).

The computer itself runs on a 500W power supply with an APS backup, so it shouldn't be experiencing any power losses...but would a powered USB Hub offer more power than what I already have?

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would a powered USB Hub offer more power

by Jacky Howe In reply to Root Hubs were disabled b ...

Yes it certainly would. The USB specification for a USB port is 500mA per port. If a device needs more then 500mA, the USB port may be switched off by the over current circuit.

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