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Irritating Problems

By jeffz ·
Hello all,

I know it's a big IT world out there and I was wondering what is your most irritating LAN/network problem? I'm talking about the problem that never seems to go away and/or it morphs into different forms.

For me it's printers. It'seither corrupt drivers, repeated paper jams, users cannot print, spooler problems, disappearing print server and of course the old "call in a trouble ticket, because the printer can't print my 20mb PowerPoint slide in a timely manner". Of course this person didn't want to walk to the high-speed network printer 20 feet away, and was trying to print on a HP4L connected next to him for a briefing in 5 minutes.

Users are a big problem I know, but I?m looking for stories of the mysterious missingemail, roaming profiles that stops roaming on it?s own, or an Exchange MTA backlog for no apparent reason. And it just gives you fits because you can?t nail down because once you start to troubleshoot deeper ? it clears up.

I?m not looking for techie answers on how to fix these problems, just some validation that I?m not alone in this sometimes-irritating yet laughable ****.

Sr. LAN Administrator

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by DaWiz In reply to Collection of Viruses

Jeff, that's a common variant of the "loose nut on the keyboard" problem that mainframe support used to see fairly often.

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The virus I normally have is....

by jeffz In reply to

"butonmycomputerathome" virus and the dreaded "Ireadinamagazine", usually followed by the"thereforeiwant" bug.

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MBIL syndrome

by DaWiz In reply to The virus I normally have ...

Yep. I think we all hate the "So and so says.." or "My brother-in-law told me" user.(The b-i-l is a self-taught expert in everything who assures him OS/2 is only a few months away from taking over the world). They always remind me of the "PC GURU" (with a degree in music) at a MAJOR oil co. who gave a interdepartmental seminar on desktop computing back in 1982 and in response to a question declared "DOS will never replace CP/M". Of course, he's in IS management with that same company now.

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Try this one

by parsonsac In reply to Irritating Problems

A year or so ago I was working on contract for a UK based engineering company with branches all over the world. They were having enourmous authentication problems on their NT servers.

Try as I may I couldnt get the bloody things to talk to each other and so I was bundled on a plane to Atlanta to see if I could sort the problem from that end.

2am in Peachtree City and I am sat in front of the server and scratching my head, nothing I could do would make the server authenticate. I had just begun to question not only my abilities but also my sanity when and American user dropped the clue right in my lap. The servers were all built in th UK and shipped out to the outlying countries pre-configured!!

Two days of investigation revealed that the US link was via a frame-relay circuit leased from an American PTT who had a packet limit on it so low that it couldnt authenticate to the PDC in the UK.

It was a classic case of the people originally tasked with building the servers fully documenting what they had done. It is a theme I have come across many times in my career, lack of comprehensive documentation and a key member of staff leaving

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by LordInfidel In reply to Irritating Problems

Just Can't seem to kill them....

Every time I kill their accounts they keep coming back!?#@!!$

I have tried upgrading them but the installation of the new version always seems to fail or has too many bugs to even attempt to fix.

Patches andhot fixes don't work either.

Oh well, I guess having a brain is to much to ask for the user.

"May your days be filled without users"

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by DaWiz In reply to USERS!!!!!!!!!

Rumor has it that the guy who went postal at the consulting firm in Boston last month worked in user support... He terminated some accounts with SERIOUS prejudice.

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irritating problems

by Techie Girl In reply to Irritating Problems

My most irritating problem is this. We have our mainframe system outsourced. I am about 100 miles from the actual system. There is an on-site help desk to support this system. When we encounter problems we call them directly. Each day at least once (and sometimes many more times) I have to call them and "inform" them they had a particular job abend. It is always in the same place and has been for at least 4 months now. It gets old doing my job and the help desk's job that is 100 miles away........

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by jeffz In reply to irritating problems

Your irritation should be addressed in your outsouce contract. Money is involved -- either you should get more or they should get less for not monitoring and correcting the problem. And if that's in the contact then somebody MESSED up big time.

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And if that's "NOT " in the contract

by jeffz In reply to Oooops

And if that's "NOT " in the contract then somebody MESSED up big time. Is what I meant to say.

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How about this irritation?

by Jaydev In reply to Irritating Problems

I'm at a help desk. I'm required to be nice to all users, not roll my eyes when they ask me "My printer doesn't print?" Well what's wrong, I ask? (yes i had to ask them that) Their response "well i'm getting a msg saying it's out of paper." What the !@#$ you call me bcus it's out of paper. So add more paper and go on with your business.
Other user thinks they know more than we do. They call me and explain their problems and when an answer is given they want to question my judgement. Either they are very STUPID or SMART ASSES? This are our very qualified people as well. They have Masters degree and think just because they have taken a class in TCP/IP they are experts with networking. YES, my irritaion are USERS. BOY, I wouldlove to take their EMAIL away for a day or two. Oh I forgot I can't..i'm required to be nice to USERS. Does your organization have them? If not, you can have ours? Do you have them?

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