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By jeffz ·
Hello all,

I know it's a big IT world out there and I was wondering what is your most irritating LAN/network problem? I'm talking about the problem that never seems to go away and/or it morphs into different forms.

For me it's printers. It'seither corrupt drivers, repeated paper jams, users cannot print, spooler problems, disappearing print server and of course the old "call in a trouble ticket, because the printer can't print my 20mb PowerPoint slide in a timely manner". Of course this person didn't want to walk to the high-speed network printer 20 feet away, and was trying to print on a HP4L connected next to him for a briefing in 5 minutes.

Users are a big problem I know, but I?m looking for stories of the mysterious missingemail, roaming profiles that stops roaming on it?s own, or an Exchange MTA backlog for no apparent reason. And it just gives you fits because you can?t nail down because once you start to troubleshoot deeper ? it clears up.

I?m not looking for techie answers on how to fix these problems, just some validation that I?m not alone in this sometimes-irritating yet laughable ****.

Sr. LAN Administrator

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by DaWiz In reply to How about this irritation ...

If you can't stand the heat, get the **** out of the kitchen. User support isn't for everyone and if you ***** about them that openly, you can bet they ***** about you even more. I'd strongly suggest you go get a job in AI and spend your life dealing with the box rather than the users. If you worked for me you'd have been pounding the pavement the first time I got wind of that attitude..

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Hey DaWiz

by Jaydev In reply to

Let me guess, you're one of the users we're discussing. Man O Man, you guys will never learn. Give us respect and remember we're not your slaves. Why do you end users think you own us. Please friend, you're kind of end user that does probably ***** about your help desk. You don't have anything better do to but pound the pavement.

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by DaWiz In reply to Hey DaWiz

Your first problem is obvious-- you don't listen very well. I AM the help desk, LAN/WAN administrator, tier 1/2/3 support and IS staff for 300 users scattered across 30 sites and 150 miles. My clientele encompasses a range of experience from novice clerical staff to corporate executives and almost all of them are apologetic for "bothering me with stupid questions". I've been in this business for over 20 years and over half of that has been dealing with end users, either in developing projects or support. I found out very early on that you get back the attitude you give. I enjoy helping them no matter how trivial the problem and the end result is my documented satisfaction rating has never dipped below 99.8%. On the off occasion when the aggravation factor builds up, I take a hike around the departments and spend a few minutes relaxing and "hanging with the peeps and keepin' it real!" Lighten up. Respect is earned, not just deserved.

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by Nichomach In reply to

I actually have relatively poor people skills, but you HAVE to work at it (and I am) if only because these people are the ones who do the company's business. They're not experts on networking - why should they be? They're not experienced in un-kludging a wayward Laserjet. They don't troubleshoot PPP connection problems. That's not their job, that's OUR job. I occasionally do get stressed when half a dozen people chase me at once, but it goes with the territory, and when you do sort someone out, and see them look relieved as **** because they WILL make their deadline, then there's a lot of satisfaction in it. The requirement is not that we should just be technically competent, but that we should also be "humanly competent".

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Good Users, Bad Users

by jeffz In reply to Agreed

Point one: without users, most of us would have to find another line of work.
Point two: It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have, if you don't have quality inter-personal skills, you may be unemployed soon and often.
Point Three: Even though users get on our nerves, all you can do is laugh at the end of the day and get ready to go back to work the next. Because we love our jobs !!!!!

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And I agree with you.

by Jaydev In reply to Agreed

Just to clear my earlier post. I don't insult end users. As a matter effect my manager has recived emails saying how I was great help. I'm at a help desk and I try my best not to insult users in any way or form. Many of users are great. You're right we shouldn't expect them to know TCPIP and I don't. My problem is the user who calls and wants me to change their IP address to When I explain them about DHCP assigns and you can't really have that IP address they tell me my book tells me you can assign any IP address when it's static. So, change me to static and give me Further more they tell me I don't know what i'm talking about when I say that is not ture. Those are users i'm talking about. Anyways to DA WIZZ i think his name is...I do respect my users and my problem is when they treat me and our IT team like slaves.

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by Ryasth In reply to And I agree with you.

Just to point out that you are not slaves to the end-users but to the situations that arise either by the btkac syndrome or by h/w or s/w failure. Sounds to me like someone has either been at it too long or not long enough. The end-user don't treat you like a slave, they only demand that you do your job. If you have a problem with what you are supposed to do then maybe a career change is in order. I am but a tech for public users. Sure the questions or situations that arise are either redundant at times or are extremely repetitive, but hey.. no one twisted your arm to get into it. If you are into it just for the money you are going backwards in your efforts. The money is there but the clientel may not be. Take a step back and listen to the hard-drives spinning and realize..... you might find that taking a pause in your thinking might make things easier all the way around.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to And I agree with you.

Dear IT frined,
I couldn't post after your reply so doing it here. Here is what I have to say.
I never said anything about MONEY. Also, In my opinion no one should treat anyone like slaves. When one person DEMANDS anohter person to do something they're being boss and other person is their SLAVE! You said that I should be DEMANDED by end users. You're saying that they can DEMAND that I do my job. If my BOSS asks me do a project X first and drop everything that is what I have to do. A end user can ASK me if I could assist them and that is cool. It is my job to assit them. If I have an answer I will take care of them right away. If i don't have an answer they shouldn't DEMAND that I do my job. I may have to do research ask around and solve their situaion in fair amount of time. They don't have right to YELL, SCREAM and DEMAND that I do my job right away. For example, you don't go to HR or Accounting or any other department and DEMAND them to do something right away. Atleast, I hope not. In MOST SITUATIONS you would ask them nicely and work as a team to accomplish a job. If I go to HR dept to find out something. They may not have an answer right away for me. What should I do, DEMAND and say you're not doing your job. GIVE ME AN Answer right away. NO, that would be wrong. DEMANDING is treating someone like a slave. But you don't think so and that is COOL. That is your opinion. I like to ASK and will never like people who DEMAND that I do a job. This isat work and outside of work. (It would be a different story that while they're waiting and I'm just playing game or goofing around. In that case they should be more aggresive in asking me to solve a problem.) Regardless, it's not about MONEY as you suggested.

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I can stand the heat, not the attitude.

by LAtlow In reply to

It's not a matter of not being able to stand the heat, it's a matter of proper 'climate control'. User support is a frustrating business. The hardware/software/configuration problems are tough enough, but when you have to deal CONSTANTLY with users who are computer illiterate, and/or abusive, and/or frustrated/angry, and/or think they know what the problem is, and/or think they know what the solution is, and/or in a position of authority and are ready to wield it, and/or willing to complain but not to help you troubleshoot the problem or supply the information you need, and/or expect you to supply the solution to any conceivable problem off the top of your head in two seconds over the phone, it can get to you after a while. If you don'tblow off some steam and relive some of the stress, you won't last long dealing with users. A good way to do that is to talk about what's bothering you. To get it off your chest. You don't do that with the customer, of course, but you let it out somehow. At home, over a beer with friends, in a soundproof breakroom, in an empty forest, in a journal, or on a web site like TechTales, or whatever works for you. Your response sounds like you haven't done this much or not at all. With that attitude, you'll be pounding the pavement and beating the bushes for a constant supply of new support technicians to replace the ones you've fired or who have quit if you don't let them vent.

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Users expose buttons you press them!

by timmm_30 In reply to How about this irritation ...

I was running some cat5 and a user drills me with questions.. "What are you doing there?"
"Do you know what you are doing?" etc.
(They have set machines for the job so they are sooo jealous when they even sniff another user is going to get an upgrade.) I just reply "I am running a cable for your most hated co-worker, it's a PIII850 box with 2000 on it with full I-net access and email client, 256 megs of RAM, 17" monitor, etc. I just got approval from management!
Then the jealous facial twitches start!!!
I am SURE other IT guys have experienced this!

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