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Irritating Problems

By jeffz ·
Hello all,

I know it's a big IT world out there and I was wondering what is your most irritating LAN/network problem? I'm talking about the problem that never seems to go away and/or it morphs into different forms.

For me it's printers. It'seither corrupt drivers, repeated paper jams, users cannot print, spooler problems, disappearing print server and of course the old "call in a trouble ticket, because the printer can't print my 20mb PowerPoint slide in a timely manner". Of course this person didn't want to walk to the high-speed network printer 20 feet away, and was trying to print on a HP4L connected next to him for a briefing in 5 minutes.

Users are a big problem I know, but I?m looking for stories of the mysterious missingemail, roaming profiles that stops roaming on it?s own, or an Exchange MTA backlog for no apparent reason. And it just gives you fits because you can?t nail down because once you start to troubleshoot deeper ? it clears up.

I?m not looking for techie answers on how to fix these problems, just some validation that I?m not alone in this sometimes-irritating yet laughable ****.

Sr. LAN Administrator

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me too, and how...

by GeoffH In reply to How about this irritation ...

requests have included 'Change the toner for me please', 'Send someone round to switch it on' and other such funnies. THEY are paid far too much to do such menial tasks. After all, somebody is employed to do these things.....aren't they?

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Re: Irritating Problems

by FrankP In reply to Irritating Problems

No Jeff, you're not alone. For me it's when I make a change to the login script or a policy file. I never know when or if my domain syncs. I know it's supposed to (and believe me, We've done our share of troubleshooting it), but it seems to take it's own sweet time.

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another user issue...

by geraldjarreau In reply to Re: Irritating Problems

The son of the boss, used to come in after-hours, and use his laptop to dump MP3s on any computer he felt like using. It wouldn't be a problem, but he used direct cable connection, and usually left the printer disconnected, and usually the PC was left unable to connect as well...

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Vendors are users in disguise

by Shanghai Sam In reply to another user issue...

I guess you know by now the number one problem is people. Users are expected to be stupid, I can can tolerate that but what really burns my crescent rolls are vendors. I pay good money for their product and good money for support. They treat me likeI am a USER??? If they come out with a new patch that fixes several problems, that were probably created in the previous patch, do they inform me? No, they expect me to have nothing better to do than surf the net all day looking to see if any of my vendors has decided to release an upgrade. I also love those little utilities that do things like help migrate from one system to another, unsupported of course, but oh what the heck, we had time to kill and thought we would crank out this little baby just incase someone out there needed it. I find these and know in my heart it is the answer to all my prayers. Run it and what happens? At best, nothing. At worst, it blows up the old files and the new one requiring a reload. I can remember (showing my age) when Lotus, Wordperfect and even Microsoft promised support "for as long as you owned the product." Now, you pay your money and you're guaranteed squat. I swear Bill Gates has this world by the 'nads and he's a smart enough cookie (no pun intended) to keep it that way. Oh, but I rant and against my buddy Bill no less. Frankly, I think the whole world would be better off if we had stuck with DOS. Users would still be just as stupid as they are now but at least I wouldn't have to try andfigure out which of the '95 or '98 or '2K ways they managed to screw their system up this time. Honestly, I'm to the point now where I don't put up with much. I let people know when they do stupid stuff and I give vendors grief for their idiocy as well. But then I am the only one with passwords for the email server, firewalls, web database, wireless hubs and most other network devices. I can afford to be a tad acrimonious.

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More irritation

by Brian Lusk In reply to Irritating Problems

For me it is the "works great today" then "flaky tomorrow" network. It's nearly impossible to narrow down, because when you start to troubleshoot, it works fine!

My guess is users using the Internet access, but I actually will need to monitor itto see if there is a relationship.

Brian Lusk

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Here is another one. And it may be YOU!

by Jaydev In reply to Irritating Problems

Here is anohter irritaion for you guys. I can't stand when people ask questions in Technical Q&A and never rate the answer. I always would like to know if a solution worked or not. So if you have time to post a question, and we take our time to get you an answer have some decency to rate our answers. Friends, what do you think? Is anyone with me on this one...or am I just complaining? Anyways, let me know?

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The other left

by DaWiz In reply to Irritating Problems

After 45 minutes working a remote user thru "20 questions" about what was displayed on his workstation screen, I asked him to enter several commands at a DOS prompt. When he asked how to spell "colon", I hit the mute button for a moment, then returned and explained "it's the key with 2 dots, one over the other two keys to the left of the Enter key"... ...silence... finally I said "did you find it?" "There isn't a key to the left of the Enter key" he answered... I hit the mute button for a longer interval and my office mate fell out laughing at my language. "How about on the OTHER side of the Enter key?" "Oh, this one with the 2 dots on it?"... This guy was working in a petrochemical refinery where he often turned valves that controlled the flow of extremely hazardous substances throughout the complex and he didn't know left from right... I was quite relieved when that contract was over and I was FAR away...

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Hey Da Wiz

by Jaydev In reply to The other left

And you were complaining about my post earlier. HHMMM.

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on the other hand...

by IT_Cowboy In reply to Irritating Problems

About 10 years ago, i was supporting a particularly basic user. I had run through the same routine with him every day for about a week.

This particular day, I asked him to hit the enter key and he asked me where it was.

I was one floor above this guy so I ran down, hit the 3 keys that it was taking me 10 minutes on the phone to explain and returned to my desk rather heated, as you would imagine.

Shortly after I moved interstate and it was then I found out that the user had been diagnosed with some form of dimentia. He had been suffering from it for a number of months and not even his wife picked it up.

I'd say thats one for the USER.

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I was a USER once...

by B. Gillespie In reply to on the other hand...

I remember the day an IT worker entered our office. They took our only workstation (a 286) and began replacing the video card.

Curious, I asked what she was doing and she told me that she was upgrading the machine.

YA right... she upgraded our machine from a EGA to CGA card!

I had to bite my tongue; rather than her hand that fed us.

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