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Irritating Problems

By jeffz ·
Hello all,

I know it's a big IT world out there and I was wondering what is your most irritating LAN/network problem? I'm talking about the problem that never seems to go away and/or it morphs into different forms.

For me it's printers. It'seither corrupt drivers, repeated paper jams, users cannot print, spooler problems, disappearing print server and of course the old "call in a trouble ticket, because the printer can't print my 20mb PowerPoint slide in a timely manner". Of course this person didn't want to walk to the high-speed network printer 20 feet away, and was trying to print on a HP4L connected next to him for a briefing in 5 minutes.

Users are a big problem I know, but I?m looking for stories of the mysterious missingemail, roaming profiles that stops roaming on it?s own, or an Exchange MTA backlog for no apparent reason. And it just gives you fits because you can?t nail down because once you start to troubleshoot deeper ? it clears up.

I?m not looking for techie answers on how to fix these problems, just some validation that I?m not alone in this sometimes-irritating yet laughable ****.

Sr. LAN Administrator

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by DaWiz In reply to on the other hand...

**** of a way to learn a tough lesson, Greg, and I'd bet your current users rate you as tops.

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Dont be hard on youself

by GeoffH In reply to on the other hand...

your only problem appears to be the perennial help deskers nightmare - no crystal ball. My boss told me to remove the one I had installed on my desk as it promoted the wrong attitude....the heck it did!

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Remote Access Server

by Nichomach In reply to Irritating Problems

Multitech RASFinder with the latest firmware patches. Absolute must-have according to our users. Absolute pain in the bum according to me. Hangs at the slightest excuse, generally when really needed. Anyone got a hammer handy?

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bad Outlook

by mikiesoft In reply to Irritating Problems

For me, any version of Outlook is a continuous "pain in the bus." It's either a "I can't delete a Contact," or "my Calendar has picked up the birthday's of everyone is my Access database." We run both Outlook 97 and 98 to support a mixed client environment, and it never fails to mysteriously foul up something.
And how many days have YOU spent searching TechNet articles for those cryptic answers? Gee, I don't know why it took so long to fix that, I only had to search through 200 articles!
But I LOVE MY JOB!! You know why? Because it never fails that about the time I'm ready to "strike any key" with a hammer, I get a call from a user and we end of laughing about some silly fix that we stumbled upon together over the phone.
Remember, "it's not a bug, it's a feature!"

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Put it all in perspective...

by BomBayMan In reply to Irritating Problems

Looks like most who responded to your post think that USERS are the worst problem. But let's face it. One can be an expert in only so many fields. The silly user who doesn't know better than to choose a wrong printer to print his 20MB presentation may have won a contract worth a few million dollars on basis of that same presentation. Can a NetAdmin do the same? Should a NetAdmin be ever EXPECTED to do the same?
The key is to realize that we all work in a heterogeneous environment where there are a few hundred specialized skills that are important. The reason all of us have work is because no one man can do all the jobs...

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So, are we having fun or what?!

by Linda B. In reply to Irritating Problems

In the early 80's when I started in DP, I remember reading a survey that listed DP professionals second only to air traffic control operators in stress related maladies, ranked above cardiologists, police officers, firefighters, etc... Just a littleFYI.

In this business, as in most others, sometimes we get caught up in it. Sometimes we can laugh about it. We share stories of our clientele not unlike Doctors, Lawyers, **1 operators, etc. Personally, I appreciate users, I don't expect themto have (what some techs might call "common sence") knowlege about systems I'm paid to know about. Still stuff happens. To each his/her own perspective!

I think that JeffZ, was trying to get some of the stories shared, that we have all lived through - some annoyed the heck out of us, some we were able to laugh about even then and most certainly now.

Like the helpdesk call asking for someone to repair the cup holder on the desktop (CD tray) or the programmer who cann't understand why allof the controls are not visible any longer, only to find that he had inadvertently changed the color of the form to the same color as the controls, or having legacy system data files for more than five years (thus the equipment to retrieve them) because, someday we might need it. The data was all converted to Client/Server, but...

No, JeffZ you're not alone. Standing at the third gate of ****, we've got to smile because we're still on heaven's side.

Here's to the users we serve, and to us all!
Linda B.

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by DaWiz In reply to So, are we having fun or ...

If you're ever in need of a job, let me know! Your attitude is just the kind that makes the day brighter for users (and stressed out co-workers). have you heard the story of the secret NOSMOKE.SYS file?

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Do tell...

by Linda B. In reply to

No, I don't think I have heard the story of the NOSMOKE.SYS file. Please, share it with us.

Also, you never know, I may take you up on a job contact someday!

Linda B.

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File Management

by FrankP In reply to Irritating Problems

For me, it's trying to reorganize our LAN file directory. It was supposed to be cleaned up shortly after we migrated from Novell to NT (that was three years ago. the hardest part is trying to find a utility that will map our file system (including folder sizes, permissions, etc.) into a printable format.

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