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Is a VPN the right choice for me?

I have been asked to completely redevelop an organization?s computer infrastructure. They are set up in two small offices, in two separate towns. I have heard that a VPN is the right way to go; however, I am not familiar with the technology because I usually set up end-user home networks. I need a lot of help in this area. I can go in any direction with this project, costs at a minimum. All I am starting with is that all computers in the network will be running windows 2kpro. My first question: Does this situation require a VPN? My second question: If it does require a VPN, what software-wise do I need to do, and what external hardware should I purchase to set this up (I also want each office, of no more than 20 users, to be connecting to the internet via a cable or DSL connection)?

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Secure File Sharing

by thinkaloud In reply to Is a VPN the right choice ...

If the purpose of hooking up both offices is to enable both
teams to share files, I would recommend having a look at
B.efficient ( ).

B.efficient allows distributed offices like yours share files
easily and securely. Individual users can control who have
the rights to access various documents without the need to
trouble the IT adminsitrator to set it up. Encryption is built-
in; hence all communication transfer (file, messaging,
application etc) is encrypted.

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Depends on the total layout

by dchaney In reply to Is a VPN the right choice ...

If you are going to use windows 2000 servers at each location. Which is a good idea for data safety. The ability to set up a VPN is built into the OS. You would set up a VPN between the servers. If not you would get a broadband router at each location that supports a VPN tunnel. Best if they are the same brand , model. Set up a vpn tunnell between the routers. Set the DHCP in each router to different sets in the same range and make all other settings the same and they should be able to see each other.

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