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Is anyone else having TR problems??

By Shellbot ·
I keep getting a Flash error, and then the whole thing shuts down..happended like 5 times in a row
Is this just me or my machine??

Internet Explorer
File: Flash6.0cx
Company Nmae: Adobe
Desc: Flash Player 6

Then i continue and it goes to the usual MS error box saying do i want to send error report blah blah blah

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Yeah, I have a problem.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is anyone else having TR ...

They won't let me say *****, ***, ****'* ****, or *****-*********. Also, they aren't sending me the user activity cash bonus they promised me. And Beth bounced entawatabi. And Mae keeps slapping me with a shovel.

Nope, no sign of that particular misbehavior on my FF 2 client, but I have the Flashblock plug-in.

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Palmie - <thwackkk!>

by gadgetgirl In reply to Yeah, I have a problem.

just in case you were missing any slaps, dearest....


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Don't complain

by maecuff In reply to Yeah, I have a problem.

You love the know you do.

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Not a major problem as it only affects

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is anyone else having TR ...

Non regular TR Members and those who are not IT Professionals. Despite what Rob is complaining about it's not an issue as the Professionals will have their computers updated to stop this from happening. :^0

Of course the Make Believe IT Professionals & Irish will not.

Col ]:)

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<raspberry soundbite>

by gadgetgirl In reply to Not a major problem as it ...

oh, and a Happy New Year to you too, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Hope you drop all the good crystal in the move for that!

(good luck, you know I'm jes' funnin')

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to <raspberry soundbite>

GG Happy New Year to you as well.

Hope you drop all the good crystal in the move for that!

Not a Chance in Hell. I'm not allowed to carry anything breakable.

Actually this will be the first time for a very long time that I've been here for a move I generally manage it to be interstate or otherwise away when the Evil Deed needs doing. :0

But things are far worse SHMBO has organized for the Kids to help. :_|

I'll just run away from Home for the peace & quite and leave it to the expert who likes moving. Actually it will be interesting to see if the Telco gets their act together and has all the services working. Somehow I doubt it will happen and then I'll have no Internet Connection either. :_|

As for the Good Crystal it goes with the Silver which I try to get rid of. I haven't had much success up till now though as the more silver that I give away the more returns to breed in the house. I hate the stuff and people keep giving me more.

My Mothers Lousy sister insisted that I have some silver when she died as I had given her a Milk Container or something, a little thing that sits on a table and you pour junk out of. Apparently she was under the mistaken impression that I liked the stuff and more importantly that I liked her so I had given her the item that she liked. All I had done was when she remarked about it I asked if she would like it. She was drooling over the silly thing at the time so I gave it to her hoping that would be the last that I would see of it. So instead of getting rid of one piece I ended up with twenty more.

I couldn't even give them away to the family after her funeral and what was worse was that she had told everyone about the bit of junk that I had given her so now everyone gives me silver for presents. :_|

Silver is nasty stuff that needs constant cleaning you can always tell the Silver that I own it's all black. Even SWMBO drags it out once every now and then to clean it when I'm not around she insists that she needs to hide it from me to prevent me giving it away.

Then to add insult to injury my daughter is now refusing to take a car that she wants to buy off me so that's another thing that I have to move.

Now would you like some Silver? :^0


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by rob mekel In reply to Not a major problem as it ...

It's a nice one ... and the reason why I put it up at the question board.

Let's see ... one answer sofar :^0
Was the answer helping ... it's the correct one so ... good for the answerring peer

May be it all has to do being the first few days after new-years-eve/day ...


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Rob I have all this stuff done Automatically in the Background.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ROFL

It's on a Windows Box and it needs to be updated every 2 Nano Seconds because of the High Security Level of Windows. Yea I know it breaks all the time and I expect it to break.

So when Windows Falls over because of a Update error all I have to do is re-image the system and not try to find out why it broke. I find Fault Finding Windows so Frustrating & Pointless.

But in answer to your Question:- No I haven't run into a problem like this but then again I don't use Windows.

So I didn't attempt to answer your question.

However I have noticed that XP Pro on a Dual Core box is very slow recently to open applications. My son plays games and has a box that I built for him with Windows on it and it's got really slow recently. When I re-image it the speed is back again so either he's loaded something onto the system that isn't nice or Windows is being Windows again.


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Sorry Rob

by Shellbot In reply to ROFL

I didn't see your post, or I wouldn't have started a new one!!

It seems to be fine for me at home...but at work its just going crazy..and all I'm doing is trying to scroll down the sh@gging page...

hope yer well!!

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If you don't behave

by Shellbot In reply to Not a major problem as it ...

your gonna take Palmy's place for those slaps!!!

and you dang well I'm at the mercy of my companies IT guys..i've only been there a couple weeks, can't start demanding they update evrything can I..
well, maybe on monday i could??

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