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Is anyone else having TR problems??

By Shellbot ·
I keep getting a Flash error, and then the whole thing shuts down..happended like 5 times in a row
Is this just me or my machine??

Internet Explorer
File: Flash6.0cx
Company Nmae: Adobe
Desc: Flash Player 6

Then i continue and it goes to the usual MS error box saying do i want to send error report blah blah blah

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Well Shelly you could always

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to If you don't behave

Request a Upgrade Mae's way. :0

Just walk in with a Blood Soaked Shovel or other Implement over your shoulder, loudly complaining about how hard it is to remove the blood dripping from the heads that you have tied to your waist and then smile sweatily and ask your question.

I'm betting the Upgrade will be done immediately without further conversation. :^0

After all you need to set the Ground Rules ASAP or you will be taken advantage of.

Actually I'm currently hiding in my Den of Inequity while SWMBO and Her Daughter are packing boxes. I find it safer to walk away from them when they get together as the Wife is Bossy and the daughter is much worse. She's so bad that I no longer acknowledge that I had anything to do with her existence.

OH BTW I've been accused & am guilty of many things but Behaving has Never Ever Been one of them.

Col ]:)

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frequently but today has been good

by Neon Samurai In reply to Is anyone else having TR ...

I stopped reading CNet specifically because I spent more time restarting my browser after flash bloat crashed rather than reading the articles.

The TR pages seem to crash the browser less often though still at least once a week I'm reopening the browser and guessing at what forums I was reading at that moment.

Today has been good; no browser crashes yet.

I'm stuck with IE6 and whatever Flash the desktop guys have issued us. When I asked about the issue before leaving CNet I got the usual answer; "we develop for IE7 now and do not support IE6 or other browsers"

The other issue I get with TR is mixed sorting of the my workspace -> "updates". It happens less frequently these days but every now and then I'll check for updates and see forums listed with dates from days or weeks ago and out of cronological order.

I seem to be one of the few that see the issue. It's not browser cache and when I dig through the forums through other ways I find recently updated forum subscriptions that are not being shown.. very strange..

Outside of those two issues, TR's been working fine.

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In firefox

by Dumphrey In reply to Is anyone else having TR ...

I can see no download buttons, and a varied mix of adds are not visable. In IE everything works fine. Occasionaly I get the weird proxy error leading to a double, tripple, or even quentuple post.
Other then that, I just have a small piece of carrot lodged in my sinus, a mashed in rear end (ON MY CAR! SHEESH!), and a screaming need for a coffee fix...

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I'm no expert

by Shellbot In reply to In firefox

But if i were you i'd think about getting that bit of carrot looked at...

eewwwee nasty ]:)

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Please, PLEASE

by CharlieSpencer In reply to In firefox

don't tell us how the carrot got there. I've been told a couple of places I could shove a carrot, but that wasn't one of them.

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Please Please!!!

by w2ktechman In reply to Please, PLEASE

Dont tell us where you tried using whatever veggie on your person....

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the source of the carrot

by Shellbot In reply to Please, PLEASE

read the Friday Yuk


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Not having flash problems but...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Is anyone else having TR ...

all these ads are killing my blazing 26.4 dialup!

Pages take up to 10 minutes to load and sometimes don't load at all until I click refresh a couple of times. It would be pretty cool if the ad writers kept dialup in mind.

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