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Your comments may be helpful to those who want to do certification.

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Certified, not Certified?


Short answer - NO. Although I hold some certification I truly feel that this may not be enough to cut it. Over the past 20-some years I have seen many people come and go in this environment, some certified, and some not. To this day I still believe that you must do this type of work because i) you love doing it, and ii) it comes natural to you.
The people that 'get into' computers because their high school teacher tells them it is "the way of the future" should look elsewhere for a career. If this is all people base their choice on they will be very disappointed and frustrated when working with computers. The next step is of course grabbing as much certification as they can. Again, I've known people who got everything from A+ to Z+, and their logical train of though derailed at the station. They couldn't think through a problem systematically or logially, and they soon ended up finding a job in a factory or gas station. There is a difference between memorizing answers, and learning the material. Or, to quote a Jedi :) the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom.
In summary, if a person fits the profile to be in the computer field, if they can think out problems with some logic, then yes - get as much certification as you can.

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by Hargerd In reply to IS CERTIFICATION MAKE YO ...

Only with skills (not necessarily Vendor-related either!!) AND practical knowledge, will you have the correct set of tools to enter vocation truly happily.

LFT (NC,HND , MCP, 7+ Years in IT)

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Back site of the Moon

by Andre_Nick In reply to IS CERTIFICATION MAKE YO ...

I have another way of this question.

Is it possible, find today any job in IT environment WITHOUT certificates, but with a long-term experience,knowledge and wisdom ?

Any HRs is here?

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by scat99 In reply to Back site of the Moon

When I started 7 years ago, I decided get an A+ cert to see if this is what i wanted. After 2-3 jobs, I elected to finish my master's degree instead of pursuing certs. I am now a LAN Admin and now realize to go any further, I need more certs.

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No serts - no job

by Andre_Nick In reply to

I've got a diploma of radioengineering seventeen years ago.
Fifteen years in IT departments.
From technician to senior admin.
Now I'm jobless.
Because I have no certificates.

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by svengala In reply to IS CERTIFICATION MAKE YO ...

certification doent tell that we have hands on experience but it atleast will boost you profile this guy has knowlede about what he has shown in the resume.

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Yes and No

by dseeger In reply to IS CERTIFICATION MAKE YO ...

In my time on this earth, I've met people without certification that could teach me a thing or two about computers and I've met people with certification. I would like to believe a person that doesn't have certification that claims he or she can do what is required of them, but dealing with a person with certification and not enough work experience can prove to leave you back at square one (TRYING TO GET THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB), but I would assume that a person with certification would be able to understand what is required of them a lot quicker with a bit of training than a person that has no certification whatsoever.

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Certs,Education work experience and what it means


IMHO education, be it certification, or degrees eans, you can understand the basics of the job that needs to be done [and that you can understand what everyone is talking about]. Work experience means you can actually do the job.

I've been told this by various human resources people over the years in both private and public sectors [firms such as the old Magnavox Research Labs, Hughes Defense Communications, Boeing, Northrop/Grumman, and public sector e.g. US Army Communications/Electronics Command ] so I tend to believe its probably a truism.

Will getting a cert make one capable to perform the work actually needed to be done? I doubt it. But if I were hiring someone for the computer department, I would want to know they have a basic understanding which is where the cert comes in. If I just lost a 10 year tenure employee from the computer department and didn't have anyone else that could match the skills I just lost, I would go with work experience first.

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