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Is current interview format old-fashion?

By wlack2000 ·
You can prove your technical skills with certs and/or past expereinces. But how could an employer know whether you are a team player and your attitude toward the job (things like these) simply through a 45 minutes interview? People can lie about who they are or they just kowtow the employer in order to get the job.

So my question is how to hire someone efficiently? I found it's too hard to figure out what the interviewer thinks about you. They nod at what you say all the time. But do they really agree every word? It's sort of making an interview like some fake reality show.

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The top 5% of what?

by pgm554 In reply to One of the best

The people that apply for the job or the top 5% of the nation?

I went through a hiring process about a year ago for a contract to do an upgrade for a medium Novell site from 4.x to 5.x.
I had all ready done 2 major upgrades at 2 major sites (government and large insurance company),that were easily verifiable along with references from the local Novell office and the company wanted me write up a complete upgrade scenario along with a project management plan before they would even consider interviewing me.

Sorry ,but if Novell comes out and does this it's $250/hr,but if I come out and do it,I might get a job?

So what they wanted was somebody to do a feasability study for free.

I talked to the headhunters that set me up on this one and asked them what became of the job(I refused to do a "free consult").

They said they didn't hire anybody.

I think the "interview process" is getting way out of hand.

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This is messed up!

by worker bee In reply to One of the best

An effective IT staff needs good mix of top five percent stars and what I call "plodders".

This is because in any IT department there are a large number of routine, unglamorous, uninteresting, but absolutely essential tasks that must be done every day. If all you have are superstars then at any given moment most of them will be bored out of their minds. An effective staff has on it a certain number of people who just want to do their job every day and then go home and don't really care about learning the cutting edge stuff. These "plodders" get the routine stuff done so your stars can do what they do best.

No coach would field a football team of 12 quarterbacks but that is what you are doing with your "top 5%" rule.

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