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Is Cyber Monday a reality?

By viruser Staff ·
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I was doing some reading on "Black Friday" - the biggest shopping day in the USA and I came across "Cyber Monday"!! Apparently one can get the best online sales in the year!!! It's on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Is this a reality and if so which are the best online stores to shop from?

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Black Friday means that stores get out of the Red for the year.

by deepsand In reply to Shopping myths

While it's obviously an imperfect generalization, prior to Black Friday the retail sector has a cumulative negative revenue gain from sales for the calendar year-to-date.

Any day, regardless of the size of that day's sales, which moves them from the Red into the Black is said to be a Black day. Such typically occurs on the day after Thanksgiving, which in the U.S. is now fixed as being observed on a Thursday; hence, the term Black Friday.

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Accordint to this article, Cyber monday will be December 18th

by DanLM In reply to Is Cyber Monday a reality ...

On the other hand, Cyber Monday ? the Monday after Thanksgiving said to be the busiest online shopping day of the year -- is a myth. Procrastinators rule the day when it comes to online shopping, and the day when most of them click-shop for presents actually falls in the middle of December, just about the last day they can expect their gifts to arrive in time for Christmas.

CyberSource Corp., based in Mountain View, Calif., helps processes electronic credit card payments for many major online retailers, including CompUSA, JC Penney and Blue Nile. The company says that one of every eight dollars spent online flows through its payment system, so it has a pretty good sense of e-shopping volume. And according to Cybersource, the busiest shopping day on the Web has occurred on a Monday in the middle of December for six straight years.
"This rule of thumb has held up for six years," he said. "It's always the Monday closest to Christmas with (at least) seven days left for shipping," said Doug Schwegman, director of market and customer intelligence for CyberSource.

This year, Cybersource predicts Dec. 18 will be the magic day. That might not be good news for e-tailers, who will be jamming up UPS and FedEx trucks right up to the last minute.

Chuckle, for what its worth.


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Cyber Monday Myth

by binarypc In reply to Accordint to this article ...

Yeah, I think some sales & marketing department dreamed this whole Cyber Monday after Black Friday myth up. I know where I work, the Monday after a holiday everyone is usually too slammed to be trying to figure out if they should be online buying "stuff".

The other possibilities mentioned by posters here are much more realistic.

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Thanks for the info!!

by viruser Staff In reply to Accordint to this article ...

I wanna thank you guys for the advice. I was trying to get a high digital camera and I had anticipated..."Cyber-Monday" would be the day!! Looks like I will have to look out for Dec 18th or sometime close to X-mas. Thanks again!!

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The way I read that article(which could be wrong)

by DanLM In reply to Thanks for the info!!

Is that the 18th will be the busiest online day. I think what you are looking for is deals like was offered on black Friday, and I did not read that as this was the case with Cyber Monday. Just that Cyber Monday was a busy online shopping day only.

probably wrong, and missed it.


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Depends on your definition.

by deepsand In reply to Is Cyber Monday a reality ...

If you are defining it in terms of either a day to get the best online shopping bargains, or the busiest online shopping day, then the Monday following Thanksgiving would not be Cyber Monday. However, the origin of the term does not relate to either of these.

As originally used, the phrase referred by the tendency of online shoppers to rely more heavily on the use of computers at work than those at home for such purposes. As most are not at work on the weekend, and many businesses close on Thankgiving Friday, the earliest opportunity for most to shop online at work on or after Black Friday is the following Monday; hence the term "Cyber Monday."

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Its real but getting less so each year.

by Minstrel Mike In reply to Is Cyber Monday a reality ...

Black Friday, as stated earlier, has the most shoppers but isn't the day when the most money changes hands. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving when all those window shoppers return to work after touching physical items and getting a good idea of what they really want. Then they use the high speed work connection to purchase stuff on-line. "Cyber-Monday" is becoming less and less of a phenomenon as more and more folks get high speed at home or use wi-fi at the local coffee shop.

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