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Is Islam imploding just as the USSR did?

By jardinier ·
I lifted this link from the "Holocaust Denial" thread.

Irshad Manji:The Trouble with Islam: A Wake-Up Call for Honesty and Change (Random House) or her website

We know that there is a general move back to fundamentalism in parts of the Muslim world, paralled by a strong move back to fundamentalism in parts of the Christian world -- especially the USA.

An excerpt from a review in says the author is "striving to explore a culture and civilization whose inward collapse has given rise to a militant creed at war with the modern world."

So, is it possible that Islam will self-destruct before it does major damage to the rest of the world?

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Is Islam imploding just a ...

Referring to the Underage Guy and NZ_Justice and one or two really wierd discussions going on lately.

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Better question: Is TR imploding?

by M_a_r_k In reply to

I'm STILL having trouble posting messages from one of my computers... Let's try this from my laptop.

The title of my previous post should be "Better question: Is TR imploding?"

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Leave those two dorks alone

by DMambo In reply to Better question: Is TR im ...

Maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away.

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Cross your toes and fingers

by stargazerr In reply to Leave those two dorks alo ...

and anything else crossable ... I have been cribbing a bit with underage and NZ_Justice ... but I Give up ... Seriously ... How stupid can you be?? ?


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How stupid???

by DMambo In reply to Cross your toes and finge ...

Worse than Lobo. That's how stupid!

BTW - If you don't change your alias back to us_geeks-rule, I will pursue legal action.

(Actually, I like the stargazer handle, I just don't like it when people change their names.)

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by neilb@uk In reply to How stupid???

I think that the way that Stargazer and Old guy have done it is OK.

Hey, Stargazer, you can drop the (formerly known as..) bit now, though. I reckon we've all go a handle on your handle. I think that you should just be Stargazer from now on.


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I had to change

by JamesRL In reply to Names

Some of you may remember that I posted my real name.

Bizarelly someone accused me of fraud because I had a name similar to their coworker who worked for the City of Mississauga. She apologised sort of. But I kept it after that.

I changed it when my employer, in their infinite wisdom, made us all sign a doc restricting us from blogging (which I don't currently do, but might like to) or even posting on places like this. While I think its a stupid rule, as I take pains not to mention the name of my employer, I do want to keep my job, so I made the somewhat transparent change.


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James, you had the only excusable change

by DMambo In reply to Names

Your original "alias" was just too much info to put out in public like that. Same goes for Tom W., Tony H., Aaron B., etc. These I can see changing. Even Old Guy's was so inconsequential that I don't mind. But stargazer's change was done either because she's a criminal on the lam, famous worldwide and her adoring fans were getting too close, or because she's trying to sneak up on me. Or maybe she's a famous criminal on the lam trying to sneak up on me. Whatever her reason, it scares me.

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by JamesRL In reply to Names

Did you exchange brains with "not underage"? He too seems obsessed, and not in a healthy way, with Stargazer.


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Not obsessed

by DMambo In reply to Names

Just poking fun at her.

For a while, I thought she was an American ex-pat. I wondered why she didn't capitalize the US in her name. The I realized it was "us". Dumb me.

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