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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a real conservative, from the US!

By AnsuGisalas ·
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And I'm not talking about the swivel-eyed loons :^0

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The Republicans also, apparently, want to wreck things that work

by AnsuGisalas In reply to It's easy.

on the basis of ideology. And that's the EXACT opposite of conservatism.
Look at the "conservative" activist judges on the Supreme Court and their desire to roll back the separation of church and state.
Why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly? - Sandra Day O'Connor

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Ah, but I didn't try to define 'conservative',

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The Republicans also, app ...

Only 'Republican' and 'Democrat'. Despite what they may say, Republican doesn't equal conservative, Democrat doesn't equal liberal, and the People's Republic of China doesn't equal communism.

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Words of wisdom...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Ah, but I didn't try to d ...
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It is even easier than that Palmie

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to It's easy.

They will sit down and the republican will immediately introduce himself and say he's a proud, republican American while asking if the other guy is a republican or a commie socialist out for a free ride for life.

or just ask which one is packing.

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Was that a typo?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to To be honest...

Or did you just actually suggest that there is too much partisan, selfish crap between both parties? I thought you said you were a republican since the day you were able to register to vote and then described views that could only be from someone with a train of thought, logical reasoning and someone with a middle grounded focus toward US politics.

I do have bad eyes but I'm sur eI read it correctly, all I can do is say WELL DONE!!!! Now go work on the other 350+ million that don't seem to get it.

From my perspective, and as someone who knows the government 'here' is a joke, no matter who's in office, and not worth any of my time, to finally see someone IN the USA saying there is a lack of middle ground that keeps the nation divided, simply for the sake of being divided, I actually see rays of sun shining in the window, like there is hope for America still.

What open eyes, well done!

As for Jackson, he is a complete nutbag out for some air time. To be THAT out of touch with reality and be in his position is very scary indeed. Maybe he hasn't looked in a mirror yet and realized a white hood just won't suit him at all.

What are the slack jawed, uneducated, white supremacists who agree with HIS views going to think now?!?!?

Duh, well maybe blacks are okay and it's the yeller ones we have to watch out for after all. Lets burn a cross on Lin WIng's front yard next week, and hey, bring that cool black guy too, I like what he says!

You guys really need to cull the herd. Free handguns and open season for a month!

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The problem with is most places...

by jck In reply to Was that a typo?

There are so many damn lazy people who follow hype and sensationalism, and will believe the first word that comes out of the mouth of anyone.

I keep telling people the only way to get the two-party system to to get more than two parties. That's the only cure. Because then, everyone has to come together from all sides to make things work. Not just two parties who are so bought and sold that it's not even funny.

As for getting rid of the idiots: I keep people telling people..I need to be appointed "Lord Punisher of Misdeeds and Crimes" and give me carte blanche to go punish any idiot or criminal as I see fit. I'd clean crap up.

It might take me a few months, but I'd do it.

First place I'd stop: Virginia Beach, Virginia. Me and Marion would have a little "Come to Jesus" discussion.

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more than 2 parties...

by john.a.wills In reply to The problem with America. ...

I would like to see the presidential-electoral college elected by proportional representation (without reference to the several states). Parties together holding a majority in the college could then choose a chief executive and cabinet members in essentially the same way that the German Federal Assembly chooses a Chancellor and cabinet members, but without the confusion of executive and legislative that happens in Germany. I would like judges still to be appointed with the consent of the Senate, and the members of the Fedeal Reserve Board, and perhaps some other people. I am not sure what the constitutional language should be distinguishing the offices filled by the electoral college and those by the executive with the consent of the Senate.

The fairly new open primaries in California lead us in the general direction of a multi-party system for the legislature, although so far the main effect has been to allow divisions in the major parties rather than to help the minor parties grow.

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"I would like to see the presidential-electoral college elected ..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to more than 2 parties...

So you see value in the electoral college? While I would prefer a proportional selection over the dominant 'winner take all', I'd really prefer to see the institution eliminated in favor of a direct presidential selection by the voters. I think it's outlived its usefulness; presidential candidates can now reach everyone, instead of trying to sell themselves to an 'in the loop' minority.

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A direct election for the Chief Executive,

by john.a.wills In reply to "I would like to see the ...

as in several African countries, does indeed have something to be said for it, but it should be multi-round as in France to prevent a win by plurality.

As for the electoral college, in what I propose it would have to meet and decide on things, and be recalled whenever a cabinet member died or resigned or became too unpopular with the electoral college. In principle we might in one executive term have several executive constellations as the parties in the electoral college reassigned their preferences. We might, for example, start with a Ba'ath-dominated coalition supported by Be'ed (which would get a place or two in the cabinet), but, when Be'ed had got as much as it agreed with Ba'ath on done, switch to a Bey'yond-dominated coalition. Maybe you don't like that idea.

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Given the current political environment

by NickNielsen In reply to "I would like to see the ...

I can't see that doing any more than adding one more layer of dysfunction into an already dysfunctional system.

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