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Is IT degenerating into a field where idiots rule?

I dont know about the rest of the world but IT in New Zealand is degenerating into a field where people think anyone can do IT. People dont recognise the skill and training that goes into a degree in IT and would rather trust MCSE which is not even NZQA accredited so in truth is not a qualification.

People seem to trust the advice of idiots these days. No research is done by technicians on the products they sell, they just sell the product they sell cos.
Ask a technician why he/she sells x antivirus and 99% of the time the response is because the x antivirus company is big or because it is good, no research done on the product just go by gut feeling, how utterly and totally pathetic is that. And that is just scraping the surface.
Case in example - true story
Large company in NZ (over 250 pc's per loc, several locs), uses large IT company in NZ to support its IT infrastructure, relys on this company for advice and providing the neccessary IT infrastructure. When we did our case study on the large company last year they had no network monitoring software for thier LAN, MAN or WAN, poor av, protocols bouncing from one side of thier lan to the other causing it to eat network bandwidth for lunch, Windows servers where Linux/Unix would have done the job better, I dont know about you lot but I have had a real gutsful of IT companies saying they can provide a service but all they do is cost thier clients money and dont do a good job about it.

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It is the "B.S." in Marketing fault anyway

by KP58 In reply to B.S. and Marketing

Why should we have to market our selves?
MS tell us the simplest way to solve the problem is their network software but the cost and infrastructure make life **** for techs and the budget.
Why? So we go out and buy more Intel Products which are "tailored" (Used to be) to MS software. So now we have to spend $1000's to maintain our competences so we have to attend MS approved training centres to comply with their standards which they changed to ensure more sales and more profits and to make sure the sales statistics make them look good.
Why? So the Decision Makers are blind sided by MARKETING.


I have done the research to tailor systems and their 3-5yr development plans for a number of organisations in SE QLD Aust. The majority took the cheapest option whether mine or not and the rest bought the medias hype at a cost of 3-5 times my most expensive recommendation for the level of implementation they chose, because their IT staff knew they would not have to extend themselves at all. I.e. Buy MS software and Dell gear and the system will chug along and he can blame undocumented upgrades for the slowness and not get called out too often because he has trained the organisation to accept mediocre IT operations, supported by the belief of the Discission Makers that they chose the BEST, because of marketing mistruths.

If a CPU runs
Full duplex data transfers with simultaneous departmentalised operations, centrally managed at twice the byte size
A half duplex, serial operation, decentralised management system 20yrs old.

Why would you buy the former when it is cheaper to buy and operate?

Because of MARKETING.

When you discuss the IT Solutions and write the recommendations include a reminder
The big companies do the same things as we a smaller company does when it comes to spending the advertising dollar but only so much more because they are so much bigger. Do you believe your own adverts? So why believe them. You cut out the truths that hurt, so do they. Your wordsmiths turn a phrase so do theirs??.

Ah sorry they?re the facts and we need MARKETING. Like a hole in the head.

(95% of my research time is wasted getting through the marketing and getting to the facts. Even then there are no standards to go by; I have to sort out the data like
Speakers ?A?
98dβ(spl) 1W1M, 10W(mpl) SNR 90dβ ?0.005%@15W

Speakers ?B?
50Watts not documented but this is actually (pmp)

Speakers ?C?
100Watts Max rec o/p
Which would you buy? (spl Sound pressure level, mpl ? mean power level, SNR ? Signal to Noise Ratio, pmp ? Peak music power)

By the way ?A? may = ?C?

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Full Duplex vs Half Duplex CPU

by jmgarvin In reply to It is the "B.S." in Marke ...

Why would I want to keep the half duplex? I have to wait for in/out operations because I only have half duplex.

Now you example says they are the same, but that typically isn't true when you migrate to a CPU with more horsepower.

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Hyperthreading - what a joke

by Chris Meacher In reply to Full Duplex vs Half Duple ...

Could be worse - the other day I found out why my P4 3000 was running a VBA script slower than my Athlon 2000 at home.

The old 3-fingered-salute brought the answer straight to me - urmmm why are there 2 boxes for processor usage - oh s##t - it's pretending it's got 2 x 1.5GHz chips and NOT USING ONE OF THEM ! ! !

Okay so VBA isn't the most efficient language to code in, but it's a **** of a lot easier to format data in Excel than having to write my own report handler - but if I'm closing everything else down to run it I expect it to use the whole processor.

A BIOS tweak later and I have the processor working properly. My home computer still runs quicker - but having 1.5GB of ram will do that for you.

And then there's annoying adverts coming up to Crimbo advertising HT as a 'feature'??? It's all I can do not to smash my telly in rage. At least I'm in charge of IT purchasing mow and can design some 'decent' systems (i.e. no Intel, and only has Windows because we use propreity software that'll only run under it).

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Use Citrix

by Db0 In reply to Full Duplex vs Half Duple ...

If you only use windows because of proprietary soft, set up a Citrix Server and migrate your desktops tou Linux. Citrix has a unix client.

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Idiot Managers and their Glee

by raskew In reply to B.S. and Marketing

I worked for an Idiot Manager and told him that his knowledge was not good enough to give me a truthful answer to several problems that occurred! When the opportunityy came about I was canned and now (4 years later )the company is in bankruptcy. By the way they sent their help desk to India!!!

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managers in IT are stupid

by somebozo In reply to Idiot Managers and their ...

managers in the field of IT are mostly stupid school drop outs like bill gates who couldnt get into engneering so they choose IT, which was by that time a worthless faculity

IT managers act kiddish and have no sense of making decision. Heck most of the IT managers i have seen have 50 times less knowledge than me but salaries and fringe benefits 50 times more than me. This has given me such depressing feelings that i have thought many times to start fixing cars for living rather than IT. Atleast in cars u make better money and get respected for your expertise. lets see what happens in future, im still looking forward for ASE certs

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Gee where do you work

by JamesRL In reply to managers in IT are stupid

I'd like to apply for an IT managers job there.

I am an IT manager, and its clear by your tenuous grasp on reality (50 times more salaries and benefits than you...) and math, I'm glad you don't work for me.

Just for fun, lets do the math. If you make 40,000 a year, then if your manager makes 50 times that it would be $2,000,000 a year. And here I thought basic math was a pre-requisite to good computing ability. By the way, because my staff can charge overtime and I can't, some of my staff will make more money than me this year. And other than the bonus plan, we all get exactly the same benefits.

Your generalizations about IT management are so one sided that no one can take you seriously. You may have a bad manager, but there are bad managers and bad employees in many industries. There are also good manager and good employees in many industries.

By all means, become an auto mechanic. If you aren't careful you could get a bad boss there too.


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But R U Smart?

by mgordon In reply to managers in IT are stupid

Please oh please give me just one day's income of that stupid school drop out, Bill Gates!

so if u r smart u wont trie 2 command a comp the same way u rite :-)

< better English > My managers have typically possessed BIS (Business Information Systems) degrees; partly technical and mostly business. It is not the job of a manager to be a technical expert. In fact, it is better if he is not; for if he were, he should be employed in the field of his technical expertise, not merely managing. Many do both -- I manage a helpdesk but I am also a server admin and network engineer for a five-state company. Using Cisco systems and self-starting employees produces reliability in hardware and human resources.

Charles Darwin would like you to understand that anything that continues to exist is "fit", more fit than what one might suppose. From this we can conclude that superior technicians are not particularly useful as managers; either because they cannot manage (frequently the case), or because their talents are needed on the equipment rather than assigning who is "on call" this weekend.

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What? Not a Good statement my Friend

by James Speed In reply to managers in IT are stupid

I have been an IT Manager - I surely wasnt an Idiot or School Drop out. I thought I was a good and decent & fair Manager. Not to mention I knew more than Any/All my employees because I have worked with computers since the mid 1970's.

I sense that you are upset by your Manager and are taking it out on ALL Managers - this is not a good thing. At any one time thousands of IT Managers are on this board and will most definately take offense - you arent "Winning friends and influencing people for the good".

The vast Majority of them are probably Top Notch guys/gals. Making blanket statments such as this show that you are NOT ready to be an IT Manager anytime soon.

If you have a beef with your Manager, suck it up, go in and talk with Him/Her and get whats REALLY bugging you off your chest. Then you will at least be happier and hopefully a little more productive.

Jim S.

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Thoughts of a young guy in the field...

by renwarb In reply to managers in IT are stupid

Although I have had the terrible displeasure of working for some very poor managers, I am able to recognize that many managers have reached their current professional level by proving their skills/worth.

However, some of my complaints from experience have been:
- Inability to grasp basic technical details concerning products/services which are being managed. (I.E. Setting a deadline without understanding the amount of time required to complete a project)

- Committing to providing a service/implementing a solution that your staff does not have adequate knowledge. (Unless providing training, or time for Self-Study)

- Failure to consult the staff involved about the merits/drawbacks of any particular implementation.

- Having a "Hair-on-Fire" approach to issue resolution. (It is understood that time is of the essence when dealing with critical outages, but it is better to remain focused and make rational decisions, instead of panicking and creating a larger problem due to hasty decisions.

- The "Are-we-there-yet?" phone calls. (When I am resolving a major issue, it wastes critical time, and disturbs my focus to answer calls from my manager asking for details at 10 minute intervals.)

**This is a non-management peeve**
- Consistently selling/bidding services that we are unable to provide.

Now, I have been in the field for 5 yrs. I have done helpdesk, desktop support, Novell Admin, Linux Admin, and currently handle COTS implementations/support. I get frustrated by low pay, a company who does not wish to invest in me (in terms of education), managers who throw me into an implementation-in-progress without giving me background information, having my vacation requests denied without justification, lack of raises/salary adjustments, etc.

However, IT is my life...this is my career. I know that there will be better days. (Maybe when I move to Honestly, though, I'm 23...I talk to my peers. Most do not see IT as a viable career choice. Mechanics are respected...Roofers are respected...Officers are respected...Plumbers are respected...Electricians are respected...IT Geeks are crapped on.

Sorry for much that I could say, but never enough time. Just the thoughts of a 23 yr old trying to make the right choices in a very dangerous field.

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