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Is IT degenerating into a field where idiots rule?

I dont know about the rest of the world but IT in New Zealand is degenerating into a field where people think anyone can do IT. People dont recognise the skill and training that goes into a degree in IT and would rather trust MCSE which is not even NZQA accredited so in truth is not a qualification.

People seem to trust the advice of idiots these days. No research is done by technicians on the products they sell, they just sell the product they sell cos.
Ask a technician why he/she sells x antivirus and 99% of the time the response is because the x antivirus company is big or because it is good, no research done on the product just go by gut feeling, how utterly and totally pathetic is that. And that is just scraping the surface.
Case in example - true story
Large company in NZ (over 250 pc's per loc, several locs), uses large IT company in NZ to support its IT infrastructure, relys on this company for advice and providing the neccessary IT infrastructure. When we did our case study on the large company last year they had no network monitoring software for thier LAN, MAN or WAN, poor av, protocols bouncing from one side of thier lan to the other causing it to eat network bandwidth for lunch, Windows servers where Linux/Unix would have done the job better, I dont know about you lot but I have had a real gutsful of IT companies saying they can provide a service but all they do is cost thier clients money and dont do a good job about it.

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Complete Garbage

by holdupmaster In reply to I sabotage only if I'm to ...

Whilst I understand the sentiments of some of the posters on this thread.

I get annoyed when people constantly bash management. By definition they cant do your job. Lets not carry on this shameless "my manager is crap" approach. I know the feeling, my manager isnt great, but then neither is his ... etc
I work in a quite large manged service environment, and often have to deal with techies from other companies (Hospitals in our case). Some of them arnt very well qualified and just muddle along. Does this mean they are bad? Does it mean that there manager shouldnt have hired them. Or is someone somewhere saying, A) we dont need the best b) we couldnt pay them anyway. So the cloth gets cut accordingly. Even in a utopian environment where nothing is failing. They do exist. There are other things an IT department needs to concern itself with. Change management is one, Testing of new software / hardware to provide better service to the business. Changes will be constantly requested by higher powers, understanding how to do them and manage them so that there is no impact on production systems is a key part of the job.
If you are sat around doing genuinly doing nothing then expect to be downsized, as the business will have seen not value from you. Always keep in the back of your mind, how can I show business benefit , either to the bottom line (always a winner) or to productivity (good one, although subjective and difficult to demonstrate often).

There are a lot of people posting, that are obviously not happy with there employer. Please dont just rant though, it gives a very unprofessional appearance to our profession. There are cowboys, and they exist in every industry. Just make sure you can show you arent one of them.
Certifications are good, they show the candidate could demonstrate knowledge. The CCIE that was mentioned earlier is considered equivalent to a Masters degree in the UK as its content is difficult, wide ranging and requires good demonstratable experience in the field.
Degrees are good, they show a good academic ability and often give a good rounded skill set.
If you have a combination you are laughing (I know I am ) As you can not only show that you are able academically but that you can fit roles defined by certifications.

Plenty of people bash certs out of envy, they wish their employer would pay for them, or they wish they had them so that they could move to another job etc etc. Those people stand out a mile off.

Certs are also getting harder, particularly Ciscos, Microsoft are committed to preventing braindump passers, and now many employers are looking for the experience to backup the certs, and are happy to quiz a candidate at interview. I know I have been grilled at interview serveral times. It also helps to rule out the blaggers.

Lets not constantly put a downer on our industry, we work hard, and there is the potential to earn good money if you put the time and effort in. It could be worse, you could be shovelling dirt in some other job.
IT has been infested with Politics, there is an answer.. ignore them, or deal with them. Either way, just get on with your job to the best of your ability.

my 2p

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Re: Complete Garbage

by jkameleon In reply to I sabotage only if I'm to ...

You completely missed the point here.

Years ago, European car industry put the money together, and financed & built this entire synchrotron lab

for one sole purpose: to precisely explore the properties of materials in order to insure, that cars fail in predictable manner. Car industry managers, who started the projects are not idiots, researchers who work there are not idiots. They are just adapting themselves to the market demands, that's all.

The "predictable failure" logic is applied for software & other IT solutions as well by Microsoft and other vendors, as well as anyone trying to make a living off IT.

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I beg to differ

by jdmercha In reply to Just so

Planned obsolesance is a byproduct of competition. Sure the auto manufactures can build better cars. The problem is nobody would go out and buy a $500,000 honda civic that would last 40 years.

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Yea, and...

by jkameleon In reply to I beg to differ

... nobody would buy a perfect IT solution either.

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Your Lucky

by jdmercha In reply to When nontechnical manager ...

"The new IT manager gets his *** fired"

I've usually seen the manager keep his job, place the blame on the IT staff, and then outsorce the project.

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by RayJeff In reply to When nontechnical manager ...
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Humans Involved Basics

by blieffring In reply to Is IT degenerating into a ...

I've been operating computers since DOS, IBM/360 DOS 22. Many things remain the same. There are professionals that need computers to help them make decisions, and computer professionals that help computers make decisions. IT professionals learn IT in school, or fall back on management and accounting training when IT gets hard and complex. Why does it take 4 years to get a degree in something that lasts only 3 years? People with management aping skills get noticed and accepted by management apes. IT professionals are the boiler stokers for a company; nobody wants to see them or their dirty mess, they just want to water ski behind the ship. Computers still only access memory, set, clear, or invert bits, add, negate, shift, test results, and change instruction sequence. Everything else is a combination of that, or understanding the philosophy and thought process of the interface's organization. C is not machine instructions, it is a philosophy of library calls and interfaces and code organization.
This was all documented in the 50's - 70's with these basic laws and corollaries:
Murphy's Law. Failure will happen in a most profound and unexpected way to cause the most damage possible on several fronts. I.e. A branch cut from a tree will sweep the ladder out from under you so that you land first, then the branch, ladder, and chain saw add injury to insult.
Parkinson's Law. With growth comes expansion. Expansion creates complexity. Complexity creates decay. Companies and concepts become so big and complex that small minds can't see the whole big picture or add enough energy to prevent entropy.
The Peter Principle. People are promoted to their level of incompetence where they remain until promoted to the side. Ever wonder how such an important manager, with no staff, became available to take over your group?
Cole's law. Finely chopped cabbage, carrots, and mayo.

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by blieffring In reply to Is IT degenerating into a ...

A large company had to outsource because domains became terratorial over their data. No one group owned all of the data to be able to form complex data summaries and pricing lists to generate full contracts from any one location. They shut down the individual division's IT and farmed it all out to a neutral party that hired the KEY programmers for much more money under one overall neutral organization.

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Not Iidiots, just simpletons

by alxnsc In reply to Is IT degenerating into a ...

Let me add more - IT personnel is forced to study private companies' views, principles and products instead of being educated in Informatics, Computer Science, etc. Science and scientific knowledge are expelled from our sphere of activities. Salesmen dictate anything and they call this "being aggressive on the market", and what a paradox - aggressive persons are widely recognised as simpletons - by any reason and culture, aggressive merchants are highly respected!

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