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Is it ever right to yell?

By kphayes710 ·
Recently I was in charge of a network installation project. I had a small team working for me and one of the members started distracting and "fooling" around not doing the work I had assigned to them. I raised my voice when I asked her to stop messing around and get back to work and some of the other members of the team pulled me aside afterwards. They told me I should appologize to the other member and that I had no right to "Yell" at her. I didn't see myself as yelling just being stern with her to get her to start working, so I didn't appologize. Am I wrong to have rose my voice with her and should I appologize for it? Is there ever an acceptable time to yell at an employee?

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Many years of contract

by zlitocook In reply to Is it ever right to yell?

Work and a few bad bosses, I have had great people that I worked for and a couple of a**holes. If you need to say some thing to a person pull them aside where you can not be heard by others. If it a problem let them know about it and thell them not to do it any more. If it happens a second time you can record it and start a paper trail. This protects you and the person. Never yell or talk to a person with others around. It leaves you and that person looking bad.

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It doesn't matter whether you are yelling or not.

by jkameleon In reply to Is it ever right to yell?

What matters is what are you yelling and why. IMHO, if someone doesn't do his/hers job properly, a little bit of open hearted "jungle management" is always in order.

> I didn't see myself as yelling just being stern with her to get her to start working, so I didn't appologize.

You did the right thing. There was nothing to apologize for.

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It depends on the culture

by NZBN In reply to It doesn't matter whether ...

of your organisation, I spent four years in the army where yelling at someone to get off thier *** (in front of everyone) and do some work was perfectly acceptable, in fact if you didnt threaten (or do) to give them a good hiding from time to time no-one respected you.

On the other hand if your org is fluffy pull them to the side and let them know how you "feel" about thier work ethics.

I remember one guy teling me about when he used to work for an ex IBM guy, whenever you were in trouble you got called to the office and it really felt terrible being called there, everyone knew you were going there cos you were in the sh## but your dressing down was done in private, he also said he endeavoured to never make the same mistake again because you could just feel the disaproval much worse than public humiliation.

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It might depend on the culture, but it also depends on the person

by AaronTech In reply to It depends on the culture

I think that a manager who yells at a subordinate is plain stupid. When you yell, you don't communicate anything more then a loud voice. If your message has merit, talking in a normal tone of voice should suffice. The workplace is not boot camp and anytime someone yells at me I just laugh at them. My boss would never be so dumb as to yell at me. It?s amazing how little good sense some people have, those that yell do not belong in management. It's obvious they never learned anything about managing employees.

Besides the fact that yelling hurts employee morale, why waste your energy yelling? I think that if the person who opened this thread would record what he yelled at that employee and replayed the message back to himself, he would be very embarrassed. Next time you feel like yelling, record yourself and I bet you will be too embarrassed to do it again. I understand we sometimes get so angry, frustrated, impatient and annoyed that we feel like yelling, but why bother? Warn the employee and if that doesn?t help, fire him or her.

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by Choppit In reply to Is it ever right to yell?

By yelling you're demonstrating loss of control, which is quite rightly seen as unprofessional by your team. I can tell you from experience that a sincere apology will go a long way towards repairing any damage to your credibility as long as this is, and remains an isolated incident.

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Don't apologize

by Dr Dij In reply to Apologise

from what he said later he didn't actually yell at them, just a stern tone. and they were being a**h****

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Another voice of reason

by maxwell edison In reply to Don't apologize

Absolutely correct.

People need to quit finding reasons to be offended.

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Quite frankly,

by maecuff In reply to Another voice of reason

I find that offensive. I'm surprised at you.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Quite frankly,

I had to go back and read my own message to see what you were talking about. It made the laugh even better!

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Boiling puddles

by Dr Dij In reply to Outstanding

woops, boling poodles? in BAD TASTE!

Ashamed of you max, lobsters taste much better drawn with butter!

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