Is it me or are all the Verterians dropping TR?

By markp24 ·
Maybe its me, but i am noticing a lot of the veterans of TR and those who have had the best answers seem to be disappearing from TR. I feel like something toward the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 changed at TR , especially in the Q and A section, not sure what it is, but I feel its less of a community and more of people posting random questions. Maybe i am just getting old...LOL (well i am but not that old)

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Not a vertarian

by jstinnett In reply to Is it me or are all the V ...

I am not a vertarian, except I am a long time subskiber.
Seriously though, I 'll try to contribute what I can. (15 years desktop/network/application support for large school district, so I may have seen it all)

So what's broken anyway?

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Not a vertarian

Its just some of the questions coming in, they arent the same "real questions" and also i see quite a few "how to cancel my subscription" type questions, and also I see less responses from those that used to answer almost every post. (Probably because the questions (to me) seem very basic for a place where IT techs would be asking eachother for assistance) (maybe im wrong and TR wasnt meant as a IT forum?)

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I don't know... I recently joined myself...

by David A. Moore II In reply to Is it me or are all the V ...

...primarily because the people posting seemed much more knowledgable than other communities I'd seen, (still a higher quality of answers overall).

Question... (and I've been here too short an amount of time to know); is it a matter of less veterans or a matter of more newbies? Perhaps it's an appearance of a problem caused by a change in the ratio?

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to I don't know... I recentl ...

It could be part of the issue, but some veterans really did leave. And others have passed away.

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Interesting you noticed this

by Charles Bundy In reply to Is it me or are all the V ...

Been thinking the same thing... I've also seen cycles where folks are out of touch, then rotate back in. As Slayer_ pointed some have passed away. Glad to have been here long enough to read their banter...

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My circumstance

by mjd420nova In reply to Is it me or are all the V ...

Since the new platform was instituted, it has been very hectic. With lost loved ones and a deluge of troubles with car maintenence and a double whammy on a desktop and laptop, there really hasn't been much spare time. Generating two new systems for the network and making sure the users are up to speed with WIN7 takes more patience than time. I'm not going to make excuses. WHAT DID I MISS?

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Just Too Dang Busy

by TheChas In reply to Is it me or are all the V ...

Myself, I've just been too darn busy with other things and family.

I try to at least look over the Q&A at least once a week and will add to a thread if I feel I have something to contribute.

That said, the quantity and quality of the questions is not what it used to be either. I started cutting back about the same time as it looked like we were the primary resource for some out-sourced support desks.


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