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Is It OUTRAGEOUS or is it just ME?

Microsoft has pulled XP off the shelves of every place I've looked for it, online they've pulled all but the OEM versions, meaning you can no longer upgrade to it. I find that outrageous and manipulative and in the opposite spirit of "support". I have never heard of that happening, have you? Do you think it's good business? I haven't looked into Vista at all, as I thought I could continue with XP for a much longer time. What's next? Are we going to have to upgrade all programs? Does it even support older software? Does this irritate you as much as it irritates me?

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You usually have to do that with each new Windows version anyway

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Great Answer!

Because MS change their instructional code set with each Windows version most third party software, and some MS software, isn't compatible between versions. So you need to get new copies and shell out more bucks.

In XP most of my older Windows software and games won't run, yet they work perfectly in Linux in either WINE or Cedega.

I have friends at Uni who play NWN and a few other on-line games, the games are written for Windows based systems; yet they all say they see a better game performance on Linux using Cedega than on XP.

I know many small businesses that are converting to Linux as it's cheaper for them to buy Crossover to run their few critical Windows applications in than buying the latest versions because their existing versions aren't compatible with Vista.

So it all comes down to how much you want to pay and how much trouble you want to go through is 5 or 6 years when the next Windows version comes out.

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Deadly Ernest - B.S.!

by rkuhn In reply to Great Answer!

You would like most people to believe you don't you?

Yes, some programs were "broken" when XP came about, mostly for security reasons. Just like some programs are "broken" when Vista came out.

The numbers are much smaller than you imply. I can only think of one (1) program I have that I never got to work in XP when it did work in Win 98 and that is a game called "Shadow President".

Needless to say, patches come out to correct issues and yes, occasionally people have to update. Take the whole Quicken issue at hand with Vista (Intuit's fault not MS...btw).

But 9 times out of 10 the software that gets "broken" probably is so old it should be replaced anyways.

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OK here's an incomplete list and some other comments

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Great Answer!

I don't have Vista at home, not prepared to waste the money, but helping someone else try to get their software working on Vista on two machines, upgrading from Windows 2000 and Win 98:

MS Office 2000 - would not install

MYOB - would not run properly, kept locking up.

4 year old colour laser printer no drivers in Vista or from the manufacturer (QMS brand I think from memory).

4 year old HP scanner no Vista drivers and no default drivers that allowed it to work properly.

Special Dvorak keyboard drivers wouldn't install, and the default MS Dvorak conversion software didn't set it up as a Dvorak keyboard either. Need to map each key to get it right.

Games that wouldn't install or run - Ceasar 3, Doom 95, Diablo, Diablo 2, Rise of the Triad, and several other games I can't remember the name of. I know I couldn't get some of these games to run properly in XP on my system either. Load an emulator and they would work, but that shouldn't be needed.

Businesses need to be able to readily access documents from ten to fifteen years ago as that's how long some are required to be available for legal reasons, the majority have a minimum life span of 8 years - current tax year plus 7 years for tax laws.

Office 2003 and 2007 do NOT readily open Word 6 or Word 2a or Excel 4 documents by just clicking on them. Yet Open Office does - seems they're better programmers than the MS ones.

Yes, sometimes you do need to update the format of files, in most cases you just add extra capability and that's stored as extra code at the start or end of the file. But when you have to make a significant change, it's industry standard practice to give the file a different extension thus the changes to .jpg became .jpeg - this is to allow the system to know which is the which format. MS don't believe in doing this and just keep .doc and then arbitrarily stop supporting the older versions without making a public announcement. The companies that have older Word and Excel documents are just 'expected' to know they need to convert them to be able to use the latest versions of Office to read them.

The problem with Quicken is MS's fault as MS has changed the instructional code set required to access key aspects of the OS and transfer commands to the peripherals and internal components.

A well written OS means people can write software that's compatible with the OS and those same commands will work with the next version of the OS - a printer command should always be the same in every version of the OS, but not in Windows or other MS applications.

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rickk, do you really believe

by w2ktechman In reply to Great Answer!

that the very next OS upgrade should not run large amounts of programs from the previous version?
If it is built around the previous version, it should be able to run all of the programs properly.
The difference would mostly be when a new OS is re-written completely, like win9x platform to WinNT platform. Or from 32-bit to 64 bit OS. If the security model changes, they should offer help to SW manufacturers who already pay them to be certified, to make the changes needed before the OS is released.

As for this comment
"Throw away all your MS software and MS supported software and go 100% open source."

Why not? It can be done! It will not be an overnight thing, because most people are not interested in change. But, even if I can help people realize there is an alternative by using Linux instead, others that respect me will listen.
In the last 2 weeks, I have given out 2 Linux cd's to normal Win users (live cd's). 1 person has not tried it yet, the other said they were going to install it and use it on a machine that they were going to scrap. That person tried the live cd and decided it was worth looking into moving to (PCLinuxOS '07 beta).

But then again, people seek me for advice because they know and respect my opinion, something that you obviously know nothing about. Almost all of your posts are crap, and your attitude is shameful for an IT pro (if you actually are).

Just because you are a MS fanboy, probably because you have 2 or 3 stocks in MS, is no reason to mislead people into being fools with bad advice.

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if it was that easy, what would you complain about?

by Neon Samurai In reply to Great Answer!

Apath dared to mention FOSS so we'd best take that single point to an extreme.

In the case of this comment; your a troll

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Wrong Post -- Edited

by w2ktechman In reply to Great Answer!

Edited due to wrong posting

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Get a copy of WINE to run your games

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Linux Vs Vista

it's available from this works like a Windows emulator.

Scouring the net for drivers would assume that people are writing drivers for Vista, I'm not sure many are doing that yet.

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there are plenty of driver for vista

by SO.CAL Guy In reply to Get a copy of WINE to run ...

there are plenty of driver for vista

i tried wine and i don't care what any one says you get a perfomace hot explsley with games and wine is an emulator not works like

and emulators suck

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Very interesting, none for the peripherals I have

by Deadly Ernest In reply to there are plenty of drive ...

I checked the manufacturer's websites, they don't have Vista drivers for my gear, to go to Vista means a new printer, and new scanner, new accounting software, new version of MS Office, and then I also lose a lot of my old files as Office 2007 doesn't open all the older MS Doc formats.

Why should I have to replace perfectly good hardware and software just to use Vista. no thanks, it's too costly.

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Deadly Ernest Spreading More FUD

by rkuhn In reply to there are plenty of drive ...

1) Please list and be specific your periphals. I'm interested in why NONE of them have Vista drivers.

2) Office 2007 most certainly can open old file formats. There are already converters out for that.

3) Why does upgrading to Vista force you to upgrade to Office 2007?

FUD, more FUD, and damn lies.

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