Is it possible to enable onboard video card with PCI-E card?

By innextek ·
I recently bought a Dell Dimension E521 desktop. It came with NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics card. I installed NVidia 7600GS card with dual DVI out yesterday. I have 3 monitors, 2 connected to the DVI ports on the 7600GS card and was wondering if there is a way, I could use the 3rd one on the integrated one? I wasn?t able to get the integrated one enabled after installing the PCI-E card.

Anyone have any solutions? OR I have to get another PCI video card?

Also, will DVI splitter help? I know with the splitter I can connect two monitors to one dvi output, but will this allow me extending my desktop? I don?t want to get the same screen on two monitors.


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The On Board Video is normally deactivated

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

When you add a PCI X Press Card and even if it wasn't it would still show the primary Display.

As for using a DVI Splitter you can but this normally results in the same display on both Desktops on that DVI Socket. However Dell did have a DVI Splitter that allowed you to extend the Desktop over 2 monitors a while ago. They may still be available but I haven't see on in ages so I'm not sure.


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Concerning E521 and integrated video

by Bcon92001 In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

Hey Innextek, this is more of a question about your situation than a solution. I too bought an E521 and was told you could not upgrade the video since it was integrated. You had no problem installing the 7600GS ? without any problems ? How about a 7900 GS? I am very curious about this please advise . thanks

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Same problem

by Tyler1 In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

I am having the exact same problem as the original poster. Did you guys ever resolve this issue??

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Check the BIOS

by bobjb In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

"This question is so old... o-well"

Yeah, Check the BIOS. See if you can change the default display adapter to your on board GFX card. Then try setting it up. This should allow windowz to see both cards.

Also, If its possible keep the on board from getting disabled, the BIOS is where you would do it from.

(witch isn't likely because 90% of users with expansion cards don't use the on board)


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onboard vga

by rijatru In reply to Is it possible to enable ...


Yes you can use onboard and pci express cards at the same time. Just configure in the BIOS the onboard as the main video adapter.

Then you could use even 3 monitors with extended desktop.

Go to display properties and in the 2 and 3 monitors selects the checkbox (extend my desktop to this display).

This works on Windows XP and 7. Vista and wddm 1.0 can?t run multiple video drivers.

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Not possible on most motherboards

by mgg In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

Every motherboard I have seen with onboard video, this isnt possible, although some say it is on theres. Why I dont know, seems so stupid, surely the manufactures could program the BIOS to allow it.
Perhaps if the onbard is AGP, and you use a PCI(-e) card, you may have luck. If they are both AGP, certainly not.

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Same problem

by solardesigner In reply to Not possible on most moth ...

I am dealing with the same issue. I have an Inspiron 546 witha quad core and integrated Radeon HD3200 and they told me I could use all 3 but now they say no. I would like to do it, or at least have a good solution for a 2nd card or 3 head. I got a Radeon 9250 and then discovered it only had Direct X 8.1 and I need 9 for win 7. I'm now trying to get a PCI card that supports DX9 because I only have 1 card slot for PCIE and am using it with the Radeon 3650 dual. any input??

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From Dell Tech: No

by srysull In reply to Is it possible to enable ...

I just went through tech support at Dell. The support rep said there is no way to enable the onboard video card when a PCI-E card is installed.

Also, using a splitter does not create a unique screen. Rather, it duplicates the video source onto two screens.

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Actually you can split

by psford In reply to From Dell Tech: No

You can split the signal. The computer setup I'm using now is a 3 monitor set up. The computer is a Dell and it has two GFX cards. One card has the DVI splitter running two monitors and they are not mirrored. This is at my job so I have no idea where they got this cable or how much it costs...but its here.

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Even though this question is very old, obviously people are curious as I was searching here for an answer as well.

First, if the computer you are using has two graphics cards, I am assuming they only have one output each, otherwise it wouldn't need an additional cable for a three monitor setup. Most newer cards have two or more outputs which would allow for a three monitor setup natively.

A simple DVI splitter would mirror the two monitors. These usually run from about $10 up. The DVI splitter you are speaking of is probably not one of those simplified cables, but rather something like the Matrox TripleHead2Go or similar technology. These are quite expensive, and around the $300 retail mark.

I am still doing some research on enabling the on board VGA in conjunction with the PCIe, and will update this post if I am able to find anything out. I do believe one of the other posts on this thread were correct in saying that it is probably a board manufacturer option, if it is even possible at all that is.

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