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Is it too soon for Windows 7

By SystemCheck ·
Is it too soon for IT to switch company over to windows 7 or is everyone still with XP?

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Business dependent

by Oz_Media In reply to Is it too soon for Window ...

there are a lot of considerations to take into account before switching any company to any OS.

Many companies find Vista just find, many others chose not to use it.

Many companies find XP just fine, many others couldn't wait for something better.

It is a case by case study that needs to be addressed by individual organizations.

Does every company have a business case that will see benefit from moving to WIn7? No, of course not, there's no such magical OS available.

Is Win7 a good choice for business? In most cases. Is it ready for most businesses? In most cases. MS offers more in Win7 than it ever did in XP, Win7 is just as secure if not moreso than XP (which was initially the most unstable and esily exploited OS of all).

will it work with all your proprietary software or legacy software? That's the job of the IT department to test and figure out in house.

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That was bloodless

by santeewelding In reply to Business dependent

A pale shadow of your other comment.

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I didn't think so

by Oz_Media In reply to That was bloodless

With respect to the US expecting other nations to adhere to their own laws, I feel that I have a valid point.

We have seen it too many times, what about when they pushed Canadian Police to raid the Seed Bank and arrest Emery to await extradition? Absolutely NO basis for that excpept to exploit a cross border crime cooperative which was put in place in order to catch people fleeing either of our countries to safe haven in the other; it was supposed to catch child molesters, assist in child porn operations and the like. the criminals that blacken out society, not to enforce a political difference between two nations.

Then they (the US government, which cowtows to the Hollywood bigwigs) put the hammer down on SWEDEN of all places and tried to get Swedish legislators to place order an onto their police force, which they can not do and refused to do. The US then threatened to impose a block on trade with Sweden if they didn't comply with US copyright laws! We won't buy any more of your stuff if you don't comply!

It was using an econmic threat to support Hollywood lobbyists!

No wonder the world has so little respect for the US. When people complain about you playing world police,they aren't JUST referring to Iraq, they are referring to actions such as this that the US quietly tries to impart on other nations all the time. "We have money (nothing else) and we will stop buying your stuff if you don't do what we say!"

My views towards the US government pale in contrast to those who honestly see the US as a terorist nation.

Seriously, Santee, how do you think Americans would react to the same being imparted on them by other nations?

How would you feel if Canada started pushing yoru government to push your police into action in order to enforce Canadian law?

I don't think too many Americans would like that at all, in fact it would start riots and or a war right away.

But somehow when it is coming from the US, it is expected of others to comply.

Yeah, it's a bit of a sore spot for citizens and governments of other nations but NOTHING compared to the fervor that would arise from the US if the tables were turned.

Can you POSSIBLY disagree and say Americans would comply to the UK pushing British Rule that went against the US Constitution? It's not just enforcing laws even, it's pushing government to then pressure city and state police into action.

I think I was being quite polite actually, considering the reverse.

EDIT: I do apologize to teh original poster, System Check, for bringing political issues up, however it was initially in context before detail of my intentions was needed.

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I see nowhere in that

by santeewelding In reply to I didn't think so

Any response to my ever-so-mild observation.

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Maybe I didn't get your point then

by Oz_Media In reply to I see nowhere in that

I thought you were referring to how my post above, regarding the US policing others ("That goes for anything American"), was in a different 'tone' than my more easy going reply with respect to company upgrades.

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SP1 due out by Q2

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is it too soon for Window ...

MS figured out most companies wait until a service pack is released before deploying a new version of Windows. SP1 will be out by summer; I'd wait on it before making the jump.

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Well in answer to your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is it too soon for Window ...

M$ is still selling XP granted only the Pro Version in both OEM and Volume License forms but then again XP Pro is the only thing that Business would want so it's no big deal.

If you are considering Consumer Class products then most of those will come by default with 7 Installed that's what M$ wants to happen but with Business Class Products or Special Orders you can get what you want as a Loaded OS. Currently it's not an issue.

As for if it's worth switching that all depends on what your 7 Testing has told you about the Stability and Suitability of 7 to your business. There are pro's and cons for every option and here it all depends on what the companies are prepared to accept as to what they use.

Some are switching to 7 and some remain on XP and like what they are using. However from what I have seen many of those adopting 7 where already using Vista so there isn't much difference involved where as those using XP will tend to wait for some improvements to be made to 7 before they consider adopting it or till at least their next Upgrade happens.

Then it's not so much what they can get loaded but the other components of the Networks that they are running. For example you don't replace a 45K Copier come Network printer just so that you can use a max 2K computer loaded with 7.

You replace old hardware with what is acceptable to the business at the time that the stuff is replaced and to be quite honest it getting close to that time of the cycle where a lot of companies are looking at replacing the bulk of their current LAN's.


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That's what drives us.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well in answer to your qu ...

We don't usually do OS migrations across the fleet. We run the OS that came pre-installed, usually not upgrading it until we reimage the system when it changes hands. Many of our oldest XP systems are ending their fifth year of service; that will drive our migration more than any other factor.

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