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Is it worth switching browsers from IE to secure a network?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
The Download.Ject flaw seems to have been the final straw for a few organizations in dealing with Internet Explorer and its many insecurities. New data shows that IE has actually lost some market share over the past month. Even CERT, the cybersecurity organization for the U.S. government, has basically recommended that organizations that want tight security switch from using IE.

Is it really worth the hassle of switching from IE? Has anyone out there already done this yet? What alternative browsers are suitable for a business environment? If you decide to keep IE, what steps can be taken to make it more secure?

Here are some link on this topic:

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IE needed for...

by usaatca2001 In reply to IE needed for Windows to ...

About 5 years ago, I bought 98Lite for my PC at work (I was the Network Mgr.). I used it to uninstall IE, but had to reverse the install because hyper-linking stopped working in every application. Apparently, hyper-linking in W98 is controlled by IE. I don't know if uninstalling IE in the current OS's will produce the same effect. If you need hyper-linking (& who doesn't), be sure you can reverse the IE uninstall.

BTW, I use Firefox for everything other than web sites that bow down to Redmond & have been using it since version 0.4 (I also use Mozilla).

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Don't need to.

by Timbo Zimbabwe In reply to How to disable IE

Just make your alternative browser the default, then remove the IE icon from the desktop. Now, if you need to go to Windows Update, IE will automatically fire up, otherwise you will default to the alternative....

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Disable IE (and a lot more!)

by hershst In reply to How to disable IE

Try XPlite and 2000lite Professional v1.3 with 2Kpro Windows and XP and you will see a much lighter and safer OS! Disable IE and much more.
Surf to

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Another Firefox vote

by Joseph Moore In reply to More than worth it

Even I tried Firefox (I am a big Windows guy, as many of you know), and I really like it. The Tab feature is, alone, worth any hastle you get with website not displaying properly.
Sure, I keep IE around now for only when a site doesn't display correctly (our corporate intranet site is run off Lotus Domino, and it doesn't work well in Firefox), but I'm pretty much cut over to Firefox.
Plus there are kinds of interesting plugins for it. Definately stable enough and robust enough to be tested.

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Me too.

by lastchip In reply to Another Firefox vote

Firefox gets my vote.

I tried Opera for a while, but found it wasn't always stable, (but no worse than IE) however, so far, Firefox has been absolutely stable, and the usability is so much better than IE, I can't ever imagine going back. For those of us advancing in years, the ability to increase the font size within the browser is a boon (Ctrl [+] +). As already mentioned, the tabbed environment is so much better than having multiple Windows open and more resource effecient. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I swear its quicker than IE too.

I can't see any disadvantage compared to IE whatsoever. However, like others here, I maintain IE for those sites still in the dark ages that don't understand, there is a world outside of Microsoft!

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Firefox speed

by andy In reply to Me too.

I find Firefox much slower than IE. It seems to slow my whole system until I unload it. However, the speed issue isn't bad enought to make me go back to IE.

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Firefox beats Explorer

by jbergman In reply to Firefox speed

Been using Firefox for over a month now and I think it beats IE Explorer hands down. Seems faster and the tabbed browsing is very very handy. T

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Speed comments

by TheChas In reply to Firefox speed

Firefox does take a lot more time to open than IE does.

If Firefox or Mozilla is slowing down your system, you might want to disable the quick load feature.
Or, increase your system resources.
For Windows 9X, install between 128MB and 384MB of RAM.
For W2K and XP, have at least 256MB of RAM.

I do have 1 strange speed issue with Firefox.
On my XP Pro system, image, page, and downloads take several minutes during which time the browser is locked out.
On my W98 system, saves are nearly instantaneous.

I've searched through options and configuration settings and just don't have a clue as to why the 2 systems operate so differently.


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Who knows?

by NickNielsen In reply to Speed comments

It's probably the same reason that my XP Pro laptop takes up to 5 minutes to log on to my school's Novell network and my old Win98SE desktop can log on in under 30 seconds.

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Firefox is faster than IE

by wbailey In reply to Speed comments

I've been using Firefox for a few weeks at work & home. If there are any speed differences, it might be a little faster than IE. I'm guessing that Firefox has less overhead.


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