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Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero - Coward - or Just Stupid

By JimHM ·
Has anyone read any of her Autobio - by the NYT's reporter. Just finished the first few chapters - and now she is saying she wasn't scared - the doctors took excellent care of her - she wasn't raped ..

Is this women just a typical West Virg Hillbilly - Dumb as a Bag of Rocks - A true Hero, saying what actually happened - a Coward - A Fool -

Anyone else read her BS - line - which is the turth - her live interviews or her story in the book ...

Just another Dumb as a Bag of Rocks - West Virg -

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Testing the 6.8mm M-16

by road-dog In reply to M16 was ok but to small c ...

WEAPONS OF THE WORL Testing the 6.8mm M-16

The shortcomings of the 5.56 round are being addresed. Politically, adoption of this round in the US inventory will signal a departure from NATO efforts to adopt common rounds for NATO members to simplify logistics in war.

I wonder if this is such a signal or what the ramifications will be within NATO. Personally, I think that NATO's time has pretty much gone with the fall of the Soviet Union. I suspect that Germany will eventually pay for their recalcitrance on Iraq by the removal of American forces such as has occurred in Saudi Arabia. This is a good thing, as the US foots the bill for billions on advanced deployments and we should definitely reward allies with these lucrative deployments and remove troops from nations that oppose us. Turkey jammed the US on the northern front last March. I think that their foreign and military aid should be reviewed and cut....

NATO membership is not enough reason to spend billions of dollars in maintaining forces unnecessarily.

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M-16 is Not Reliable

by ewgny In reply to M-16 is reliable

Unfortunately the openings in the gas rings don't stay positioned apart, they will rotate
during use. and if the openings line up you're F'd. The M16 is a fair weather gun, it can be temperamental with different rounds, and the forward assist feature is an afterthought joke. The fact is, the M16 does fail, and it always has. Our service men/woman deserve better. War isn't fought on a clean shooting bench at the range, it's fought in the sand, water mud etc.

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Fired tens of thousands of rounds with it

by road-dog In reply to M-16 is Not Reliable

both with the SS109 rounds and blanks with BFA. Never had a malfunction that would not clear by manual ejection using the charging handle. The next round always went downrange just fine.

As for the gas rings, If you are cleaning your weapon as often as you are supposed to, and performing an inspection before the day's firing, then the gas ring is one of the things you look for.

One could make the case that anything is unreliable, if the user is the problem.....

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Survivor - Yes, but Hero YGTBSM

by Donnysan In reply to A survivor

Yes she survived the ordeal - that makes her a survivor. That, however, is as far as I am willing to go. I do believe her rifle would not fire, because if you don't pull the trigger it just doesn't do the job you carry it for. True, she didn't direct her unit to make a wrong turn and yes she did survive. For that you have to give her some credit, but she also did nothing to distinguish herself as a "Hero". This word is being used so much now that it is loosing its value. It sounds to me that everyone that did or did not die on 9/11 is a hero. A dangerous job does not make you a hero. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time does not make you a hero. Being a hero (or not) is determined by what you do (or don't do) when the chips are down. When you throw the term around, like so many people do now, you trivialize it and take away from those FEW that really deserve the title. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and survived ? let?s just leave it at that. That is the credit she deserves.

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by FluxIt In reply to Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero ...

Jessica is being used as an icon for numerous agendas. The US Government's desire to recognize soldiers for thier hard earned efforts. The News media for someone to lift up. The local community as thier part in something bigger than life. Hollywood for thier desire to exploit something for profit. In many ways we are seeing the worst of America that may be stemming from the purest intent - Jessica's desire to defend the American Way.

All this probably has the woman dazed and confused. The NYT's book probably has a creative license just as Hollywood used thier creative license in thier movie. When Jessica was interviewed we probably heard from her. This is most likely exposes the media for what they are - HYPE and SPIN. Or didn't someone coined the term shock and awe?

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A Hero none the less

by jkaras In reply to Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero ...

Anyone who actually fought in or participated in combat whom either lived or died for the cause is a hero in my book. This is coming from a person who couldnt go into the service due to the loss of control that I would have to willfully die for an objective knowing full well the tactic. I knew I couldnt follow that kind of order or even make that order. These people that can do this are extremly brave people that have my respect vs. people that joined the service but was never apart of combat or assisted combat. They served but didnt protect so they dont qualify as hero but it doesnt tarnish their service, they were just lucky to be apart when **** didnt break loose.
As for Jessica Lynch she survived an attack that wasnt her fault, she didnt take the wrong turn or make the decision to be far apart from support. I do believe her gun jammed or she couldnt take a life when it came time to kill, I've never experienced that decision so I wont think less of her.
The media and the government used her as a rally cry that got alot of people behind a war that they didnt fully support. She just happened to be the first known female hostage that generated alot of hype. The truth is she was a hostage, she saw people she cared about killed like a soldier and exectuted like a crimminal, as well as a loss of privacy that she definetly wants to put behind her. The media made a lot of money on her misery and she really didnt cash to much in. I saw clips of the soldier thats complaining that why isnt he a hero, where's his payday? HE isnt a hero, he didnt rescue her, he was led to her not knowing anything till they found her. He should be proud that he was apart of rescuing a comrade from the enemy that signifys that his involvement in battle not only took life but saved life, which is what honor is defined. He tarnishs it by complaining. Jessica is the pretty girl vs the other woman who was taken prisioner being not as good looking. Nobody knows her name, see didnt get any payday. I didnt like the rape hype that the tv was lying about when competing for ratings vs the Elizabeth Smart story, truly sad and schameful.

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I think

by maxwell edison In reply to Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero ...

I think many things about Jessica Lynch:

I think she's being used by the media to increase their ratings.

I think she's being used by publishers to sell books.

I think she's being used (at least initially was being used) by the government propaganda machine to sell the public on the war. (They really didn't have to.)

I think she's willing to be used, however, to receive the big $$$,$$$.$$ from the aforementioned media sources. (Not to mention the life-long disability payments for her injuries.)

I think what she did and went through pales in comparison to what many other soldiers have gone through.

I think her story is proof that women don't belong in combat roles.

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Fully agree

by TheChas In reply to I think

Max, I could not have said it better.

I fully agree with all of your above statements.

She is a willing pawn. Doing her best to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame.


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by ITRFGUY In reply to I think

Max, I like the way you think.

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Bad taste

by wordworker In reply to Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero ...

I think it's pretty bad taste to assail this young lady and call her names. Jim I'm guessing you never were in the military, eh? With all respect, if I were you, I wouldn't go around calling Jessica names in front of past/present military people. It's a far-reaching fraternity/sorority, and I for one feel the need to defend her on based on one thing and one thing only: She swore an oath when she signed up for the services, and from what I can tell, no matter what else has happened, she upheld that oath, and for that she deserves our respect, imho.

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