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Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero - Coward - or Just Stupid

By JimHM ·
Has anyone read any of her Autobio - by the NYT's reporter. Just finished the first few chapters - and now she is saying she wasn't scared - the doctors took excellent care of her - she wasn't raped ..

Is this women just a typical West Virg Hillbilly - Dumb as a Bag of Rocks - A true Hero, saying what actually happened - a Coward - A Fool -

Anyone else read her BS - line - which is the turth - her live interviews or her story in the book ...

Just another Dumb as a Bag of Rocks - West Virg -

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Wrong - Very Very Wrong

by JimHM In reply to Bad taste

First - I did my 4 years (not 2 year draft) and my 365 in country 72 .. so I have been there - seen that - killed that - so speak not sir of what I have and haven't seen or done in my life. And Yes I have walked the talk for 365... how about you ... can you say the same...

Second - I ask the simple question -

A fool - for being used by the Media and government?

A Coward - Never fired her weapon and was the only one of 11 staffer to survive the fire fight. I ask how without fireing a shot?

A Hero - because she survive 90 days in captivity...

You read her story - its very different that what she is speaking during the live interviews... Interesting which one is she ...

Is she permitting herself to be used for the $$$$'s - or is she just dumb as a bag of rocks.

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even so...

by wordworker In reply to Wrong - Very Very Wrong

I did my time in the Army '81-87, thank you for asking. I usually agree with you, Jim, but I guess I can't see anything productive coming out of bashing PFC Lynch... She's hopefully doing the very best she can with the resources available to her. I daresay if people with buckets of money lined up outside your door or mine, we'd probably authorize a movie or do a book deal, too.

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Nam Vet

by mrbill- In reply to Bad taste

I believe JimH is one of our forgotten Vets, Nam? for which he has my deepest respect. I came in right after that era of the armed forces, and there were plenty of those ?older? guys around to get a feeling of what they went through.

If you have never had anyone shooting at you, you have no idea what went on in Jessica?s head. I have not followed this story as close as I should have I guess, but I wasn?t there so I can?t say anything.

I do wish he would stop slamming WV folks, sure they may be a bit back woodsy but don?t call them stupid. My Mom?s family came from that area so please be kind.

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Sorry - No disrepect of the Wva ...

by JimHM In reply to Nam Vet

Sorry if it came across as disrespecting those from Wva - Pretty Country - Nice down home folks - Kind of meaning to say - it aint big city stuff so I understand how the glamor and dollars could turn her head... all the media hype ... all the attention ...

My appologies - to all the Wva folks - maybe I should of used the word - Naive or inexperienced or green - rather than stupid ... Again my appologies..

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Sorry....missed summat here?

by GuruOfDos In reply to Is Jessica Lynch - A Hero ...

Who IS Jessica Lynch? Just in case it actually matters any!

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A Trooper severing in Iraqi that got capture

by JimHM In reply to Sorry....missed summat he ...

April 2 ? Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch's family is on cloud nine over her rescue from Iraqi captors, but they're still praying for the other missing soldiers who were in her unit. (16 other members of her outfit).

In his morning briefing from Central Command in Qatar, Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks showed video of U.S. troops carrying Jessica Lynch on a stretcher to a waiting helicopter after she was rescued in a daring raid at a hospital in the south-central Iraqi town of Nasiriyah.

She had been held as a prisoner of war since her unit, the 507th Maintenance Company, was attacked by Iraqis on March 23.

Lynch was reported missing when her unit's convoy was ambushed near Nasiriyah. She was not among the five soldiers whose faces were shown on Iraqi television after the capture, and the military had officially listed her status as unknown.

The fate of the other soldiers who were captured in Lynch's unit remains unclear. Five of them, some apparently wounded, were displayed on Iraqi state television, along with the bodies of some dead service members, provoking intense anger from U.S. officials. A total of 16 U.S. service members are still listed as missing.

Acting on an intelligence tip about Lynch's whereabouts, U.S. special operations forces slipped behind enemy lines and seized Lynch from the Saddam Hospital under cover of darkness
Tuesday, military officials said.

The rescue operation included Marines, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Air Force pilots and combat controllers. Those involved in the operation also recovered 11 bodies during Lynch's rescue, according to military officials.

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Who is Jessica Lynch and her "timeline"

by maxwell edison In reply to Sorry....missed summat he ...

Summer 2001:
Jessica Lynch, an 18 year old who just graduated from High School, joined the Army to "see the world", or so she said. The fact that jobs were extremely scarce in West Virginia at the time may have had some (perhaps a lot of) bearing on her decision to join the Army. But to put things in perspective, many such people join the service as a way to make a break from their parents, so to speak, and to get some training that could, perhaps, give them that "experience" to later find a job. Moreover, I think it's fair to say that in the summer of 2001, the prospects of the United States being involved in a major conflict, where soldiers would really have to fight, was probably perceived by most to be somewhere between slim and none.

September 11, 2001:
The world changed. The mission of the United States military changed. The prospects of being involved in a "real war" went from unlikely to imminent.

October 2001:
The first phase of America's war on terrorism took United States' troops (and others) to Afghanistan.

November 2001:
Jessica Lynch completed basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

December 2001:
Jessica Lynch was assigned, as her first duty station, to the Army's 507th Maintenance Company at Fort Bliss, Texas. The 507th Maintenance Company is a support unit charged with supplying mechanics who repair the Patriot missile trucks.

January 2003:
The 507th Maintenance Company, along with private Lynch, was shipped to Kuwait to support the pending war in Iraq.

March 20, 2003:
Iraq war started. However, Private Lynch was in a rear-guard unit, one that never expected to be close to the fighting.

March 23, 2003:
Private Lynch was among a dozen soldiers with a U.S. Army supply convoy in Iraq that "took a wrong turn" and inadvertently found themselves in the middle of a war. Some were killed, and some, including Private Lynch, were captured. She was injured, by the way, in a crash of the truck in which she was riding. The truck was fleeing the deep doo-doo in which they stumbled upon. Some of her fellow prisoners were shown (paraded) on Iraqi Television.

April 2, 2003:
Private Lynch was rescued from an Iraqi hospital by U.S. troops. The rescue was filmed, and part of the film was released to the American public. Some though it was a shallow public relations ploy. Some claimed it was filmed for training and documentation purposes. Some suggested that the "danger" aspect of the rescue was somewhat exaggerated. Nonetheless, Private Lynch instantly became the media sensation story of the day.

Speculation and stories, some true, some false, but all sensationalized, were running amok. Who knew what "really happened"?

Television talk-shows, news magazines, and headlines. And, of course, the six-figure book deal and the "made for television" movie deal.

What can be learned:
Women don't belong in combat roles.

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a little more please

by Cactus Pete In reply to Who is Jessica Lynch and ...


Not that I'm agreeing or disagreeing, but how does what you posted teach anyone that women in the military is wrong? I'm just not following your details to the conclusion you stated.

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My previous timeline conclusion. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to a little more please

...has nothing to do with that particular timeline. I just wanted to throw that in.

I think there's a difference between men and women (duh!), and I think that war and the support of such is better suited for men. Call me a sexist, I don't care, but that's what I think.
However, it does illustrate how even a "rear guard" unit can inadvertently get directly involved in a war.

I mentioned earlier a PBS documentary on soldiers who were awarded the Medal of Honor. (Only one of whom, out of 3,000+ was a woman, by the way.) There was this one guy, an Army Sergeant, who was in a rear guard unit taking care of war orphans, of all things. The camp was overrun, he suddenly found himself in "deep doo-doo", and he acted in the most gallant way, saving the lives of fellow soldiers, killing scores of charging enemy soldiers before being captured and sent to the Hanoi Hilton.

The Medal of Honor versus this Jessica Lynch spectacle.

Conclusion: Women don't belong in combat roles.

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By the way. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to a little more please

I never said that women have no place in the military. I said they should be kept away from combat roles. (Or potential combat roles.)

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