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Is Microsoft at fault

By jterry ·
Why do I read about so many poeple who say they are not going to update windows to SP2 or install any Microsoft updates and than want to blame Microsoft when there PC gets corrupted? They are not only making their own PC vulnerable but opening themselves to be a Bot to infect others.

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can't do that

by jdclyde In reply to Tools or toys?

a second OS would leave me with no room for MP3's and nudies....

Just need another laptop or two!

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But it's much cheaper

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Tools or toys?

To have several USB Caddies with 2.5 inch drives in them and a lot lighter to carry around as well.

I'll admit to being lazy and I know it but I do carry around 2 X 80 GIG HDD's in caddies and then another 2 HDD's with different OS's loaded so it is just a few screws to undo and slip in another drive and I'm up and running with a different OS on the same platform. It really is much easier and a lot lighter to carry around. Personally unless I'm in a secure place I never leave LT's in a parked car as I've had way to many stolen over the years and not to mention the damage that they do to the cars to steal the LT's. Currently it's got so bad that the 3 USB ports in the LT are not enough so I just added another 4 via a PCMCIA card. Keep it Simple Stupid as I like to say.

Col ]:)

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XPSP2 breaks programs

by jdclyde In reply to it's simple

If you look on the advisory on SP2 there is a LONG list of programs that will NOT work if you update.

Many of them are even Micro$oft products!

That is a good reason not to update.

I started with a limited update and tested for a few weeks and only had issues with Symantec, who provided a patch that HAS to be put on if you update to sp2.

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Am I correct?

by jkaras In reply to XPSP2 breaks programs

But wasnt there a thread not too long ago mentioning an automatic update for SP2 not too long from now. I swore I saw something state that anyone who hasnt updated their XP yet will get it forcably patched. I can only imgine the issues generated if that happens. Do you think this type of policy that Microsoft might implement will have a huge backlash from the professional sector if systems are hosed?

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Force update was what I understood

by jdclyde In reply to Am I correct?

This will make some happy, this will drive some away. nothing new here.

When business apps stop working, people for the first time will wake up and see that M$ may not be the only choice out there and look at the SUSE migration plan that helps ween users off of windoze.

Some may go to macs, but as there is really less market for macs than for ANYTHING else out there it is usually only the people that are looking for a status symbol to validate themselves that get them.

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by adembo In reply to it's simple

hmmmm, I support over 350 users, and not one has sustained damage because of sp2??? Maybe it was the lack of support given to the computer before the upgrade was done??

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What, again?

by apotheon In reply to

What's up with all these "I support X users, and never had any problem, so nobody else can have a problem either!" nonsense? Every time I turn around, every time someone says they had a problem with an SP2 install, some idiot comes up with a story like that.

It's asinine. The fact that you didn't have a problem doesn't mean the product is perfect. Get over yourself. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't in any way invalidate anyone else's anecdotal evidence. Crawl back under your butterfly-logo rock and leave the serious discussion to those of us that don't ignore facts.

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Its a priority issue..

by hectoritnt In reply to

I guess you and I are that 1% not having a problem with SP2!. The best I can figure is that we are spending our time testing, preventing and fixing rather than posting. That way our users get the best support possible and nobody has to blame the OS.
We always read the "anecdotal evidence" of the problems but seldom the solutions. Maybe because they related to the driver that shouldn't have been there or the hardware that was listed as incompatible but no one knew. Those are not OS issues but people issues. The ones you and I try to avoid.

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by apotheon In reply to Its a priority issue..

I guess you haven't actually been reading posts on the subject very closely.

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You have made LARGE assumptions!

by jmgarvin In reply to Its a priority issue..

You need to go back and reread the thread as what has been stated here is nothing like that.

Also, the "anecdotal evidence" you claim that ther are never solutions. People have posted their problems, and when a solution exists they usually post that.

You also assume that people with tons of experiance in the IT field that have been experiencing similar problems or strange issues must automatically be at fault...That is poor reasoning.

Most of the people posting in this thread have TONS of IT experience and know what they are doing and know to RTFM (RTFW(eb)?).

SP2 is the issue, not wetware....

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