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Is Microsoft at fault

By jterry ·
Why do I read about so many poeple who say they are not going to update windows to SP2 or install any Microsoft updates and than want to blame Microsoft when there PC gets corrupted? They are not only making their own PC vulnerable but opening themselves to be a Bot to infect others.

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Well the only real problem I've had with SP2

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Its a priority issue..

Is the fact that now all my Volume Licenses come up as Pirate Copies of Windows XP Pro. Prior to installing SP2 they where considered as legal and even when SP1 was made available I had to change all the product keys over so I could install SP1. That was perfectly OK as MS told everyone what was happening and just how it could break the OS when applied.

But with SP2 they didn't even mention it and did it in the background which allowed SP2 to be installed but then will not comply with MS when you try to download a few items but I suppose eventually will be carried over to the WUS at which time I will again have to ring MS quote the numbers on the center of the CD and then wait a minimum of 10 days to be e-mailed a new product key which will then have to be changed again. All at my cost and at the same time I'm being given the third degree by the MS employees who seem to think that I'm somehow stealing from the company by having the gall to want what I paid for to work properly.

This has not been a problem with the Volume License packs that I've brought from MS with SP1 included but is a very good reason never to consider upgrading until at the very least one SP has been released.

At some point in time I'll have to change the product keys over again and I'll be the one paying for the privilege of using Windows XP and while it is no big deal here as they are under 50 units involved I suppose I'll be doing another product key change on those 2,500 units as well this time again but unfortunately we do not have an Easter Long Weekend coming up so it will be a slow process.

It is things like this that I find objectionable with MS and their business practices I paid for the Volume License and it is working out far more expensive than going with all OEM and no problems.

Just why is it so?

There is no one but MS to blame for this one as it can not be put down to a Hardware Fault the lack of testing of SP2 before installing a people problem of someone being lazy it is plain and simple nothing but a Software problem that MS has engineered into their product and what makes it worse in this case is that they already have a record of me needing a new product key and they have left it to me to again request a new product key again. I know how I was treated last time and it really is something that I'm not looking forward to going through again.

Col ]:)

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Lets try again

by hectoritnt In reply to Its a priority issue..

Ok! Everybody said their peace so let start again. Yes, I read the posting and the original question is "Why do people prefer not to install the SP2 of XP and rather keep their machines vulnerable? And then again Is this MS fault??
I guess the answer is basically because many of us had been very diligent in telling the world in this and many other forums our horror stories when we tried to do the upgrade but had a problem.
I have no love for any company. I use both Windows and Linux (Red Hat) and the decision on what tool to use is based on what the end result has to be.
I found this gem on another forum "When I go to the Windows Update site, SP2 is not listed as an available update. I downloaded SP2 from Microsoft and installed it. When I rebooted my computer, it froze with the Windows XP logo." This is a post from a user listed as an IT Professional. Are we really going to blame MS for that?
We as IT Professionals are the only ones that could and should do something to keep our systems secure and updated.
It wasn't me who said "Your anecdotal evidence doesn't in any way invalidate anyone else's anecdotal evidence". But I agree; the fact that some of us had issues, whatever the reason was, installing the SP2 doesn't in any way diminished the fact that others had no issues and are supporting updated systems

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anecdotal evidence

by apotheon In reply to Lets try again

Actually, the quote about one person's anecdotal evidence not invalidating another's sounds a bit like something I'd say. The point, of course, would be that if some people had an easy time of it and others did not, it's not perfect; far from it, it sounds like SP2 is deeply flawed. Having dealt with its problems myself in supporting clients, I know first-hand that it's deeply flawed.

Yes, it's true that in many cases it was the actions of a lone idiot that hosed things up. In many other cases, however, it was the problems with the software that screwed the pooch. The fact that there are idiots in the world doesn't absolve Microsoft of culpability for pushing a broken OS patch.

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MS at fault

by apotheon In reply to Is Microsoft at fault

Maybe if SP2 didn't do things like remove drivers for SATA hard drives and disable half the networking software on some systems when installed people would be more willing to install it. A virus-corrupted system is more useful than one that doesn't work at all because XP SP2 has decided the drivers for the SATA controller are "uncertified".

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I haven't seen the problem

by jterry In reply to MS at fault

I have installed SP2 on all 158 PC's at work and on all 5 PC's at home and I have not had a problem. Maybe the problem with SATA is SATA. Do you think?

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No the problem is with MS

by jmgarvin In reply to I haven't seen the proble ...

MS created a patch that borked apps, kludged up the registry, and ate drivers.

I'm not going to be the beta tester for MS. I will not fight with their software to make it work.

SP2 has a plethoria of issues and MS has already released a gaggle of fixes for it.

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No they are not be right M$ is PERFECT!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No the problem is with MS

I've just done a reload on an Acer LT and after installing SP2 I only had to download 145 MEG of patches and fixes now what is wrong with that?

Col ]:)

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My mistake!

by jmgarvin In reply to No they are not be right ...

Nothing at all wrong with that it SHOULD be that way ;-)

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I think. Do you?

by apotheon In reply to I haven't seen the proble ...

You've been very lucky. Some others have not.

Are you trying to say that SATA, as a technology, sucks? Funny, it seems to work just fine under several other OSes, and actually outperforms previous technologies. It does so on Windows systems, too, when it works.

I've primarily noticed the problem with systems that have separate SATA adapters as riser cards rather than integrated SATA controllers on the motherboard. Perhaps, working solely with a corporate environment and your own computers at home, you have the luxury of not dealing with unpredictable hardware configurations on a regular basis and thus don't notice when there are problems. If you were really unlucky, your place of work might have standardized on a particular approach to hardware upgrades that would have seen all 158 PCs at your place of business cease working when SP2 was installed, instead of escaping the SP2 guillotine entirely.

Don't assume nobody has problems just because you don't. If you want to know how something like a major OS patch affects people in general, you'd be better off talking to someone like me (doing consulting work for a wide range of clients) rather than someone like you (working in the well-insulated world of orderly, standards-driven network management). I'm the guy that gets called in when someone like you discovers that 141 of the 158 PCs on his network have ceased functioning for some reason he can't ascertain on his own.

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SATA Controllers

by jterry In reply to I think. Do you?

Although you had me at a loss because I was unfamiliar with SATA, and therefore did not have an immediate answer, I checked around and found out from one of my co-workers that they just got a new PC with a SATA controller and it came with SP2 installed and he is not having a problem. No I am not familiar with every hardware or software configuration possible, are you? However when I do a little research I usually find out that the blame doesn't lie with MS.

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