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Is Microsoft at fault

By jterry ·
Why do I read about so many poeple who say they are not going to update windows to SP2 or install any Microsoft updates and than want to blame Microsoft when there PC gets corrupted? They are not only making their own PC vulnerable but opening themselves to be a Bot to infect others.

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Are you even paying attention?

by apotheon In reply to SATA Controllers

Go back and read again what I said.

Some configurations have problems. The most common problems with SATA involve SP2 deciding that an SATA controller riser card uses "uncertified" drivers, which basically means any drivers developed by a company prior to the release of SP2, doesn't have an ongoing business relationship with Microsoft that gives them preferential treatment in hardware support, or hasn't paid Microsoft some kind of consideration fees for having drivers "certified" by SP2. This is all part of the so-called "security enhancement" scheme in SP2 which, among other "security" measures, disables hardware that doesn't proactively increase revenue generation for Microsoft in some way.

This has nothing to do with technology problems, and everything to do with Microsoft marketplace leverage. There is no technical or security reason at all that an end-user shouldn't be able to use a driver that hasn't been "certified" by the SP2 developers. In this case, the blame lies with Microsoft.

Maybe MS should get their money back from you. You're doing a ****-poor job of defending Microsoft's FUD. (Yes, that's meant ironically: I'm pretty sure they wouldn't pay you to spread FUD without training you better than this.)

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There is a slight difference here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA Controllers

That unit came with SP2 pre installed not added after the first install so the SATA controller would have worked as it was installed during the installation.

But when you upgrade these things after the event it is a totally different story. So back to your research to find the real answers.

Col ]:)

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if I remember right

by jck In reply to MS at fault

Microsoft came out with the first GUI-based virus on the market: Windows 95.

I remember my friend had OS/2 Warp on a machine and went to put Windows 95 on it (2nd partition or something).

He went to do it...and it automatically overwrote his OS/2 partition for some reason...and without warning.

Talk about pissed. He almost bought the plane ticket to go shoot Gates.

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MS is Heavy Handed

by domerhp In reply to MS at fault

To me the main problem lays in the assumption in the part of MS that it knows what is best for the user, thus making you take an all or nothing approach to SP updates. Some people have mosified their systems to run better than MS intended thus not missing most of the options you get with the SP. Additionally the SP "modifies" your fixed to extents you can not guge before instalation.

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Well if you can not read the code

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MS is Heavy Handed

How can you expect to know how it will affect your system?

That is one of my bug bears as I've had to fix a lot of problems that M$ has introduced with their patches and we really have no idea of what they are doing to the systems by applying these patches.

Col ]:)

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"heavy handed"

by apotheon In reply to MS is Heavy Handed

That's like saying having all your skin peeled off might be uncomfortable.

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by jmgarvin In reply to "heavy handed"

According to the marketing folks I LIKE to have my skin peeled off and it feels good!

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of course

by apotheon In reply to Nah...

Would you like some coarse-grain salt and lemon juice with that?

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That causes a "version conflict"

by jmgarvin In reply to of course
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I say install it

by antuck In reply to Is Microsoft at fault

I tell all people to install sp2. There are a lot of security updates that come with it. Now I have seen where installing sp2 on home is worse then with pro. I will generally tell a person with home to make sure they do have a back up of all data. The biggest thing is to make sure the system is clean of virus and spy/ad/mal-ware. The bad thing is usually the home user is the one infected more. As far as there data goes, I always say there are two types of people using a computer, one that backs up and one that will because they have lost data. Bad thing is that it takes some people losing data to relize they have to back up.

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